How To Use Blogs For Time Management

This post is blogged by me, Alex Shalman, in order to keep you entertained while John is away. This post happens to go well with Jane May’s recent post on Maximizing Your Daily Efficiency.

What do making money online, parenting, and being the president have in common? Each of these tasks requires a common skill in order to be successful – time management. It’s really easy to get off track and start doing tasks that are less urgent or important. This is why it is crucial to our productivity to take advantage of downtime and make it work for us.

Down time comes in various forms and can be taken advantage of in several ways. We’ve all heard of listening to audio tapes during our commute to and from work. This might be applicable to bloggers, if they have podcasts. However, bloggers with podcasts are currently few and far between.

What every blogger can take advantage of is printed media. By making their writing easily printable, readers can print out an article or two for later. Whether waiting for an appointment or standing in line at the grocery store, one can reach into their back pocket, pull out a couple of articles, and make use of down time.

WP Print Plugin

The WP Print Plugin written by Lester Chan, is the perfect way to bring writing from your site to your readers back pocket. It leaves out all the clutter from ads and graphics, and delivers just the meat (text) of the blog post. This is a great alternative to hitting print screen, or copy/pasting into a word processor. Try hitting print screen on a site with a dark background and light text. Surely you don’t want to waste ink on that.

This is a guest post by Alex Shalman. Alex writes about self help and personal development on at Alex Shalman dot Com.