How To Take Your Online Offline

Make money online. It’s right there in the term: online. Two of the greatest advantages to the dot com lifestyle and the world of Internet marketing are the ability to make money from practically anywhere in the world and the ability to set your own schedule, ideally formulating systems that can generate a steady flow of passive income for you.

It’s all online and, save for a few rare exceptions like the Great Firewall of China or whatever is going on in North Korea, the Internet is basically the same for anyone in the world. Whether you’re reading this blog post in Belgium or Bangladesh, you’re reading the same words and offered the same information. But this doesn’t mean that making money online needs to be restricted solely to the online world.

Indeed, if you really want to take your online business to the next level, you really should be thinking about how you take better advantage of the offline opportunities that are presented before you.

Write a Real Book

You know what’s better than a business card? Having your own book. This really legitimizes what you do, who you are, and why other people should care what you have to say. It’s easier than you might think to self-publish a book on Amazon and while some people may be more inclined to read on Kindle (it’s a good idea to have an e-book version too), a physical, printed book works wonders for offline marketing and brand building.

You’re not “just” a blogger or “just” and Internet marketer; you’re a published author and that means something.


Attend Trade Events and Conferences

It’s true that you can connect with nearly anyone in the world over the Internet and some of my best freelance writing clients have come through exactly that channel. And while you could conduct those conversations over e-mail or Skype, seeing someone in person and shaking their hand forges a much stronger relationship.

Industry events, conferences, trade shows and similar events are amazing networking opportunities that can really elevate your online business. You may have noticed that John travels extensively and that has played no small role in getting him where he is today.

Run a Workshop or Course

Building on the last two points, establishing yourself as an expert in your field or niche puts you in a much more advantageous position to achieve your online goals. Having a book is great and attending a conference is terrific, but what if you were the keynote speaker? What if you offered an evening course at your local college?

This can start out with you coming in as a guest speaker or a guest lecturer for an existing class or you can volunteer to speak at a local event like a Freelance Camp, WordPress Camp or similar. As you build up more experience and develop a bigger name for yourself, the opportunities will grow too.

Leverage the Power of QR Codes

You might not want to go quite as far as this guy and not everyone uses them, but QR codes can be a very useful tool to send offline people to your online world.


Depending on the kind of business that you do, placing a QR code on any physical items you may have can be a good idea. Put them on your business cards. Put them in the book you wrote (see the first tip). Put them on the back of your cellphone case so when you meet someone in real life, they can simply scan your code and be directed straight to your landing page or website. It’s really convenient.

Consider Offline Marketing and Advertising Too

As I was driving home the other day, an ad started playing on the radio for the next “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” event by Robert Kiyosaki. Of course, Kiyosaki himself would not be in attendance (and he’s the perfect example of someone who has created an incredible system for generating passive income off his strong brand). What’s more important here is that the ad is “offline,” but it’s really a part of a bigger “online” business.

And just as much as we learn about how to make money online through online channels like this blog, there are so many more people out there who aren’t exposed to this world unless you approach them through offline channels like radio, mail-outs, and newspapers. Offline advertising can grow your online business too. You have to realize that not everyone lives in our bubble.

That’s why you need to take your online business into the offline world if you want to succeed. Because you need that money in the real world too.

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