How To Sync Audio with Video

In my last Driving with John Chow video about having a Plan B, I stated that I was recording the video with my GoPro and the audio with my Tascam DR-22WL. This new video will show how I sync the audio with the video.

The question you may have is why should you record your audio separate from your video? The answer is most mics found in today’s digital cameras, like the GoPro, are of extremely poor quality. A separate audio recorder like the Tascam DR-22WL can bring the audio quality up to the same level as the video.

There is extra work involved in recording separate audio and video, but the final results are worth it. In the video below, I show two methods to sync audio with video. The first is the manual method. You would use this for programs like iMovie for the Mac, or Movie Maker for the PC. The second method is to scrap the kiddie programs and get a real video editor like Final Cut Pro X, and let the program do it for you automatically.

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