How To Start a Review Blog and Get Free Stuff

One of the coolest things about running The TechZone is I get tons of free stuff to review. I always had the latest computer hardware because I never had to pay for it. Now, you might say that TTZ is a big review site so ya, it’s easy to get free stuff. However, I was getting free products when the site was only a few months old and had very little traffic. How I did it and the methods I used would take too long to explain in a single blog post. Fortunately, review blogger Robb Sutton, has written a 44 page guide on the subject called Ramped Reviews.

How Do You Get All Those Fancy Toys?

Robb is the main blogger at Mountain Biking by 198, a blog that reviews mountain bikes and biking products. While Mountain Biking by 198 makes money with advertising (like most blogs), Robb also receive tens of thousands of dollars in free review products.


My biking blog, Mountain Biking by 198, brought in over $24,040 in free product before its 1 year anniversary. Additionally, Mountain Biking by 198 was also sent over $44,950 in review product that was returned to the manufacturer. If that wasn’t enough, we also helped out the industry by getting over $3,000 worth of product donated to various causes for the purpose of fund raising that further grew my brand awareness.

That worked out to $71,990 of products when the blog wasn’t even a year old. Not too bad at all. The best part is, mountain biking is Robb’s passions and what better way to live your passion than to have an endless supply of the latest bikes to review? Ramped Reviews explain step by step how to go about getting the free products for your review blog.

Robb has done a very good job on Ramped Reviews. The eBook is nearly all content with very little fluff. I wish I had a copy when I was starting The TechZone. It would have save me a lot of trial and error time. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why bloggers get free product to review.
  • What your site needs to have before you start the pro reviewing process.
  • How to contact companies in your niche about free review product. (including a high converting sample letter)
  • The review process and how to write a successful product review including SEO review tactics that will land reviews on the front page of Google.
  • What to do after the review process is complete.
  • How to turn your product reviews into cash.
  • How to rapidly grow your blog through your free review product and product reviews.
  • Bonus Material

Ramped Reviews sells for $20 as an instant download eBook. Personally, I would give it away for free and use it as a branding and list building tool but if Robb wants to sell it for $20, then more power to him. If you run a review blog or are thinking of starting one, Ramped Reviews is well worth the money. You can download a sample chapter here.

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