How To Stand Out From The Competition

So you want to set yourself apart from your competition, do you?  Lets all be honest, even though the goal of business is to have success, we all have a little competitive streak in our ego that wants to stick it to the guy next to us.  Because of this, we are always looking for the secret key or magic wand to make ourselves look way better than the competitors we have in our market.  Lets talk about some of the effective ones that are available to us, without having to change our entire product offering.

1. Be more innovative than your competitors.  If you are not thinking outside the box as much as they are, then you will not outdo them.  This is not up for debate.  If you are afraid to try new things with your marketing campaign, then you will possibly need to be content with what you have now, as its likely what you can expect in the future.

2. Keep your landing pages simple and to the point.  People do not want to search high and low all over your site to find the reason they clicked on the link in the first place.


3. Niche yourself.  There has to be something about your product or company that is slightly different than your competition.  Maybe, for example, you always offer free shipping.  If this were the case, then you need to practically build a campaign on this fact.  Especially if the other company does not.  Amazon prime is a great example of a this, as you can find free shipping on amazon and on ebay, but on amazon it has been branded so well that we just EXPECT it, and just decide we are better not wasting our time on ebay.

4.  Take a good hard look at your competitors, and take a look at what is WORKING for them.  What lessons can you learn from them as far as what their strategy is?  Is there anything you can learn from your competition that will allow you to apply that to your company and capitalize on what you have learned?  For example, when reebok developed the zigtech line of shoes, it was not long before nike paid attention and started selling the nike free lineup, dwarfing anything that reebok did.

Marketing can be a difficult thing to try something different with.  Unfortunately, marketing should be a DYNAMIC effort.  You cannot stay the course and expect to get anything other than what you already have.  You must be willing to go out on a limb and try new things.  If you want to stick out from competitors, above all, do that.  Most of your competition will not have the guts that you do.

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