How To Split Test with LinkTrackr

One of the coolest features of LinkTrackr is its ability to split test affiliate offers. This is one of the keys to finding successful campaigns. Most new affiliate marketers will just take an offer, spend money promoting it and hope it makes a profit. This is a pretty sure fire way to lose money with affiliate marketing.

All affiliate networks offer multiple offers in the same niche. How do you choose the best one? With LinkTrackr, You don’t have to. You can run them all to find the ones that are profitable.

Throw Everything On The Ceiling and See What Sticks

Basically, what we’re doing is split testing a bunch of offers to find the ones that are profitable. This takes the guess work out of the equation. Here’s how to do it.

Log into your affiliate network and choose a bunch of offers from a niche you’re interested in promoting. For this example, we’re looking at some dating offers from Neverblue Ads.

Neverblue has over 100 dating offers to choose from. The odds of you picking a winner without split testing is close to zero. What you do is find some offers that catch your fancy and add them to LinkTrackr Split Tester.

You can add as many offers as you want and divide the traffic anyway you want. I start off by giving every offer equal weight. Then as the results come in, I will shift the traffic to the offers that are profitable and remove the unprofitable ones.

You can make tracking easier by using the LinkTrackr conversion tracking. You’ll have to talk to your affiliate manager to see if she can add the conversion tracking codes to the final landing page. This will allow you to see your ROI right from the LinkTrackr control panel. You’ll be able to see instantly which offers are making money and which offers to kill.

What you end up with is one LinkTrackr URL that divides the traffic into multiple affiliate offers that you can track in real time. Using this method, it shouldn’t take more than a day or two to find the winning offers in whatever niche you’re operating in.

Test Out LinkTrackr for Free

LinkTrackr offers multiple plans. They range from free to the $27 per month Xtreme plan. The free plan allows you to create ten tracking links using the default LinkTrackr URL. If you want your own custom URL, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid plans. However, the free plan is a good way to test out the service. You can use the free plan for one full year.

The basic paid LinkTrackr plan costs $9 per month and allows 100 tracking links and up to 10,000 clicks per month. That should be good enough to get started with, but you can also try the Pro or Xtreme plans if you already have many affiliate links to cloak and track. You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, so you can always start small and upgrade as needed.

To try LinkTrackr, simply go and create your free account. If you’re signing up for any of the paid plans, then be sure to use the coupon code JOHNCHOW to get 20% off.