How To Set Up Follow Up – Part 3

2 Keys to Building Your Email List Online

Picture this: You’ve committed yourself to building relationships with your potential customers through email. You’ve pulled together a killer email series that answers your visitors’ most burning questions while showing off your expertise. It’s bound to send them running to your site to make a purchase, or for the phone to give you a call. However, nobody’s purchased or called yet. Why?

Because nobody’s gotten those killer emails yet!

There’s just one more step to getting your email campaign off and running.

Time To Get Some Subscribers!

After all, the greatest email campaign in the world is 100% useless if there’s nobody to send it to, right? For most businesses, getting subscribers starts at home. The homepage, that is. The most popular way to collect subscribers is by placing a signup form onto your website.

This gives you an opportunity to keep your name/business at the front of their minds, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and build the trust and credibility that leads to people doing business with you – instead of the next guy. There are a few basics to keep in mind when putting a signup form onto your site:

1. Feature the Form Prominently

You can’t fill out a form you never see. Too many people have their forms “hidden:”

  • Buried at the end of a long page
  • Shrunken down and jammed between a bunch of other more visually compelling content
  • Not on the homepage at all – stuck on another page entirely that you have to click over to!

To build an opt-in list successfully, you have to make it a priority of your site. Get your form on the homepage (and on as many other pages of your site as possible), and use size, colors, graphics and whatever else you can think of to make it stand out!

2. Give People a Reason to Subscribe

No one ever woke up and said, “Gee, I’d sure like to sign up for an email list today.” People are coming to you looking for answers, a solution to some problem they’re having. If you want them to sign up for your email campaign, you need to show them that they’ll get closer to that solution by signing up.

In your form’s headline (the part that comes just above the name and email boxes), briefly highlight:

  • What they’ll receive by signing up
  • How they’ll benefit from that information

People want to know: “WIIFM?” (“What’s In It For Me?”). Answer that question with your signup form.

Learn More List-Building Keys In A Free Live Demo

AWeber has a free webinar that covers signs up forms in much more depth. You can sign up for the next session here. To get the most out of this session, set up your AWeber account beforehand so you can quickly create your own signup forms after the session. After all, people coming to your site today, right now, and leaving without giving you their email address are as good as gone. Most people simply won’t return to a website on their own. Isn’t it time to stop letting your potential customers leave your site forever?

What’s Next?

You’ve got the basics down – it’s time to get into some more advanced online marketing tactics. We’ll start in a few days with a look at how you can boost your visibility and create loyal readership with your blog. In the mean time, head on over to Awever and start your $1 trial if you haven’t done so already.