How To Set A Deadline In An Email Auto Responder

Most Internet marketers know that putting a deadline on an affiliate offer increases the conversion rate. When people know that an offer is about to expire, they take action instead of putting it in the back burner.

A Hard Date Is Better Than “Expiring Soon”

When using an auto responder sales funnel, most marketers use the “count down” method. Let’s say the sales funnel is seven days long. The first email would say the offers expires in seven days. The next day’s email will say the offer expires in six days, and so on. It doesn’t matter when a person sign up to the list. They will think the offer will expire in x number of days.

The downside of this method is most can tell it’s an automated setup, and the call to the action is not very strong. A count down is not as effective as stating a hard date. “This offer expires at midnight May 22” is a lot more effective than “this offers expires in 7 days”. What most email marketers don’t know is there is a way to put a hard date inside an auto responder that auto updates with each new day. Here’s how.

The Aweber {!date} Variable


If your auto responder sales funnel is powered by Aweber, then you can take advantage of the {!date} Variable feature to auto insert a hard date into your emails. So, instead of saying “this offer expires in 7 days” you can say “this offer expires {!date long+7}” and Aweber will auto insert the date seven days from now. You have multiple options for displaying the date (see above).

Taking our example of a 7-day sales funnel, the first email would have an expire date of {!date long+7}, and the next day’s email will have an expire date of {!date long+6}, then {!date long+5}, until it hits {!date long+0}. This way, it doesn’t matter when subscribers sign up to the list. The will get all get a custom hard deadline date that is way more effective than “expiring in x days.”

Pretty cool, right? You can become a member of IM John Chow to find out more email marketing tricks like the above. The {!date} trick is just scratching the surface.

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