How To Seduce Women

suducewomen.jpgIs that a great title for a blog post or what? While touring the show floor at SOHO SME conference, we came across a company call Seduction Board. This company teaches guys the art of seducing women. My first thought was what is a company like this doing in a trade show like the SME? Then I realized most of the attendees are probably single male geeks who couldn’t pick up a girl even if she landed in their arms.

The Seduction Board is run by a short Asian guy who goes by the name Docanwriter. He is not the image I had in mind for a seduction coach. I guess this goes to show that what we see in the movie (Hitch) is not what we get in real life. Like the character in the Hitch movie, Docanwriter claims he has never failed a client – if you want her, he can help you get her.

In addition to personal coaching, Seduction Board puts on seminars for female challenged men so they can learn all the tricks of the trade and increase their score ratio. The next seminar in Vancouver is call Seductive Level 1. Wingman Tactics will follow this the next day. Seminars are also held it other cities.

Paul and I had a good time talking with Docanwriter and his female associate. We invited them to the evening gala reception so he can show us some seduction techniques. Unfortunately, they were not able to make it to the party. That was too bad – Paul could have use their help with the NetNation babes.