How To Remove Neediness From Your Life

If there is one big deal killer in sales, this is it…


You ever had somebody ‘needy’ in your life? Perhaps you’re taken back to High School memories where there was that desperate kid always trying to be accepted or to get a date.

What kind of emotions does that swell up in you? You almost feel sorry for that person, but you’re definitely NOT drawn to them. Desperation and Neediness reeks of failure and a lack of confidence. It’s a success repellent! So here’s the big idea:



It doesn’t just change how people view you, it changes how you view yourself. And you should be doing this, even the more so if you DO ‘need’ that sale, that client, or that deal.

You’ll start to attract people to you rather than detract. Here’s a tip that will help ya out:

Consider a busy Bus Stop in downtown New York City. You’re there needing a ride. You look at one bus, and something doesn’t seem right. It’s not the bus for you. So you let it go by.

Are you afraid at this point? Did you miss out on your once in a lifetime opportunity? No! Why? Because, another bus is just around the corner. And another one right after that one. They’re never ending.

Now think about this in relation to your business. If you start talking with one prospect and they are making unreasonable demands of your time, or they don’t seem like the right fit for you. Let them go without hesitation.

You can do this because there is an unending supply of leads and prospects right behind them just like the Bus Depot. They’re never ending. So cherry pick the people you want to work with. Life’s to short to be needy and to accept crumbs, to work with people that will make your life

Give yourself a little credit, remove neediness and act confidently in your business as the CEO of your life, the person in control, and just watch your business soar and your happiness grow.