How To Registered Your Trademark In 3 Easy Steps

When I was back in Vancouver last month giving my presentation to the YVR Bloggers meetup, I bumped in to Andrei Mincov (pictured with him below) of Mincov Law Corporation. Andrei specializes in intellectual property law, so he’s a good guy to know if you’re blogger. If someone copies your stuff, you can send Andrei to sue his ass.

Andrei also came up with an easy 3-step system for registering a trademark that he calls the Trademark Factory. Honestly, I can’t believe I waited this long before trademarking John Chow dot Com. Thanks to Andrei and his Trademark Factory, my blog name and logo trademarks are now filed in both the United States and Canada.


Why You Must Trademark Your Brand

You developed a brand. You came up with a clever name for it, a memorable logo and a remarkable tagline. How would you feel if you lost it all to a competitor because you didn’t protect it? This happens everyday. Don’t let it happen to you. Your brand is a valuable asset that you should protect.

Until recently, there were only two ways to register trademarks. You can do it yourself, which is often overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the law. You can use a typical law firm, which usually means spending large amounts of money that most bloggers don’t have.

Andrei created the Trademark Factory to help business owners protect their brands in three easy steps. In fact, he has revolutionized the way you can register your trademarks, and he guarantees it with a unique Triple Peace-of-Mind Guarantee. Andrei’s firm is the only law firm that will offer you to register your trademarks, after a registered trademark agent has reviewed your application, at a single all-inclusive flat fee, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Trademark Factory was able to file my trademarks within a week of me giving the go ahead. The service was seamless. All I had to do was give them samples of my logo and the Trademark Factory did the rest. Best of all, the cost was extremely reasonable compared to using a typical law firm.

Now that I have filed my trademarks, not only they are protected by law, but I can now tell Google to not allow people to bid on my name. When you search for John Chow, you will not see any Google ads trying to leverage my brand which some “How John Chow makes money” ad. Give the Trademark Factory a call and protect your intellectual property before someone takes it from you.

Register and Project Your Trademark At The Trademark Factory