How To REALLY Be Successful As A Blogger

There are a few blog sites out there that seem to really stand above the rest as far as traffic and content goes.  Ok, now read that last sentence again. Did you catch what I did there? TRAFFIC and CONTENT go hand in hand. Lots of content, and lots of GOOD content.  

Whether or not your blog is the whole point of you being online, or if it is just a small piece of your business online, there is a huge difference between a good blogger and a bad one. If your blogs represent 2 AM thoughts while drowning in Mt. Dew and Video Games, listen up.


Content is a big deal. It is huge. If you can pick a controversial topic, that will not alienate your entire following, then pick it.  If will undoubtedly get attention.  If there is a hot-button topic, or something that is trending online, jump on it. If they hate what you write, or if they love what you write, they will go there, read it, and share it.  If you are a company, try to take an educational stance on a subject rather than a politically one-sided stance, or argumentative stance, more often than not, unless the opinionated side aligns with what you are promoting as a business.

If you can manage to illustrate a blog post, it will actually help you out more than you may think, if people are getting sick of just seeing words on paper.  A graphic, or illustration to help make the point you are writing about is typically a very good way to engage the readers in a way further than if they were just making their way through a New York Times article.

Get simple in your design. Many times, there are too many distractions in a blog, and the writers and designers forget that people are simply there to read an opinion piece, not navigate through six different areas of the website. If I am looking for info on a certain type of car in a blog, I don’t want advertisements to a bunch of different places to buy cars. If you want to help the reader, put that specific link in the article. Get rid of the noise on the sides of the pages.

Anytime you can choose topics that will help draw out the passion in your readers, and get them out of their shell, it will be beneficial to you as a blogger. It does not boil down to topics that are controversial, rather, then need to be topics that MATTER to a lot of people, even if it is not something that people will want to argue about. It may be something that many people don’t think about on a daily basis, but something that can resonate with them as a topic that matters in their daily lives.

If you are still reading this article, I would assume that my advise in it was well founded. After all, that is exactly what you are trying to do as well, right?

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