How To Put Old Blogs To Good Use

You know those blog posts that come out of nowhere, flow freely from your mind to the “paper”, attract a lot of interest and then….poof. Vanish into what feels like thin air the very next day? Well, there is no need to fret, we have come up with a few ideas to help you put those old blog posts to good use.

One way to bring those wonderful, favorite old posts back to life is to write again about the same subject, and link to those previous posts. This is a great way to inform new readers about posts you have previously written, as well as keep them interested. This also helps to insure that readers keep coming back, because they know you have plenty of information on the subject they are interested in.


Using social other social media is a great way to keep old posts alive. Not everyone reads your blog on a regular basis, and not everyone searches for particular subjects. You can supply this information through sites such as Facebook and Twitter before the reader even knows they are interested in reading about it! This is also a great way to bring new readers to your site.

Another way to keep your posts linked is through guest posting. Friends that you make through blogging, connections that you make, would be more than willing to trade guests post and create a new audience for themselves as well as for you. Guest posting is a great way to link back to your blog and build a new level of readership.

The best way to know where your posts are going is to keep them from disappearing! Using links through multiple sites – whether they be social media outlets or other blogs, you will be able to drive more traffic to your blog and maintain a level of relevance among your readers.