How To NOT Convert on Social Media

In order for you to benefit from social media marketing you have to test various things to ensure they provide optimal results. When promoting content through social media it’s important you know the following…

  • Best social platforms
  • Type of content
  • Format of content
  • Time and day
  • #hastags
  • Etc

Above I’ve just listed the basics and some of the other factors you’ll learn as you progress. Personally I feel social marketing can take a lot of effort and I remember putting in hours a day posting content, retweeting and testing. Much of all this is now automated and you have case studies that can provide you much needed statistical data. If your going to be relying on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ then it’s important you know what not to do to increase your conversions.

Let’s get started…

High Frequency

You have to treat your social media followers just like you would your email subscribers and set a frequency that won`t overwhelm. I`ve noticed that high value content circulated every few days creates more of a buzz than daily because your continually shocking your followers. Here`s something I noticed…

Content on Twitter is shared more often because of how easy it is find something engaging. The use of #hashtags has allowed content to be discovered quickly. However, Facebook is a bit of a trick because your essentially posting on your wall and than waiting for followers to “Like” and share with their network. The frequency should be different when posting on either of these networks.

Twitter you can post every few hours because if you post too spread out than in about a “1” hour your content will be lost in the stream. Automate your posting so that fresh high quality content is circulated every few hours. On I suggest posting every 2-3 days to keep your followers engaged and NOT overwhelmed.

Tip #1 – Spread your frequency and keep it slow and steady. A faster posting schedule may overwhelm followers lower conversions.

Only Tweeting Text

It was common practice a few years back to “tweet” only text hoping for people to click-through to your content. Statistics have shown a completely different scenario focused around images. It’s important when using Twitter you always include an image because they attract people to click-through and even provide a glimpse into your content. For example, this is why infographics have a high conversion rate because they quickly tell a story which some people find better to understand. Keep this in mind…

  • Avoid only using text while tweeting
  • Keep images attractive
  • Add borders
  • Keep them relevant
  • Keep them original

Tweeting Only Your Content

Do you know how many people are influential on Facebook and Twitter without even having their own blog? I can think of a handful of solid Twitter profiles that have built a following of 500K simply promoting others content. Just like resource lists are one of the best types of content because they compile authority content imagine Twitter working the same way. Sometimes it’s a good idea not only focusing on the value you provide, but what others are providing as well. Marketing yourself will force people to believe your self-promotional and push other authority people away. On my blog I post…

  • Interviews
  • Expert Posts
  • Resources Lists
  • Etc

These are some of the highest shared content on my blog because it provides value other than mine. Next time you tweet try and post other authority content so people know your profile will provide value from throughout the web.

Low Quality Content

People on social media networks are trying to find value. They have invested their type and money setting up accounts and logging on everyday to pull value which otherwise would have been difficult to find. Never post low quality content because this is a quick way to lose credibility and followers. Here’s something else to remember…

You are representing your brand and posting low quality content will destroy what you worked so hard to build. Don’t be consumed by the fact your followers need content because as mentioned above posting someone else’s high value content is just fine until you publish your own. It so funny how human nature reacts to high quality content because when you start sharing content with substance and value then people will automatically look forward to your updates, tweets, shares, etc.

Wrapping It Up…

Before closing I would like to stress the importance of #hashtags and how you should always utilize them. It’s a way to organize your content and help people find the content your sharing. Don’t be afraid to use popular #hashtags and always track your progress so you can tweak them going forward.

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