How To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Go Viral, Invite All Friends

One of the easiest way to get people to join your Facebook Fan page is to invite all your current Facebook friends to join. However, the process can be quite time consuming if you have a lot of friends. I have over 4,000 friends on Facebook. To invite everyone of them to join my Fan page means I have to manually select everyone, which I estimate would take over two hours. Here’s a little trick that was shown to me by Michael Yurechko that will allow you to select all your Facebook friends automatically.

Tell Your Friends About My Fan Page

The best way to demo how this system works is to have you actually do it by inviting your Facebook friends to join my Fan page. Go to my Fan page and click the “Suggest to friends” link. This will bring up a pop up box with a list of your friends to invite. Normally, you would have to manually select everyone on your list. However, enter the following line of code into your browser’s URL field and it will automatically select all your friends.

javascript:elms=document.getElementById(‘friends’).getElementsByTagName(‘li’);for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === ‘object’){[fid]);}}

Select All Friends On Facebook

If you have a lot of friend, it may take a minute or two before everyone gets selected. Now, just hit the “Send Invitation” button and an invite will go to your friends asking them to become a fan of John Chow dot Com. That’s it, you’re done! You can use this for any Facebook invite. Have a big party you want to promote? Use this to send everyone an invite!

If you’ve found this post helpful, then please send an invite to all your Facebook friends and tell them to become my fan. It’s really easy. Just follow the steps above. 🙂

*Update – Wouldn’t you know it? Shortly after I wrote this post, Facebook disabled the select all script. Maybe I should have kept quiet about it.