How To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable

Have you ever been searching for a ‘solution’ on the web, only to run into a site that’s completely unscannable?

When we’re searching for answers on the web, 99% of the time, we just want the writers to get to the point.

As a writer, there are many things that you can do to help your reader get to the solution they’re looking for:

  • You can use bullets.
  • You can use numbers.
  • You can shorten paragraphs.
  • You can use headings.
  • etc…

Each of the above suggestions are great, and I am sure you have used them all before.

Today, I would like to provide you with a unique ‘writing for skimmers’ strategy that you can also throw into your arsenal.

This strategy will allow your readers to get the point of your entire article or email in record breaking time.

Here’s an example email that I recently sent out to my subscribers.

Using the example below, read the bold sentences only, and see if you comprehend the point of the email.

Fredward, the only way that you’re going to get the results that you want is by taking action.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

Aren’t you tired of waking up every day without coming any closer to getting the built, ripped body that you deserve?

Fredward, either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

If you’re not going to take action, stop wasting your time reading my emails and do something productive.

I’m not trying to be rude, but I was once that guy; I was the guy who would wake up every morning dreaming that I could one day have a built, ripped body.

Sorry to tell you, Fredward, but unless you take action, your dreams will always only be one thing; dreams.

Fredward, it’s time that you do yourself a favor by investing in yourself, and your body.

You only live once…

You may as well make the best of it!

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Taylor Thompson,
91 Day Challenge

If my readers were to ONLY read the BOLD sentences within the email, they would get the entire point of the email without having to read anything else.

Everybody skims for information. As you write your emails and blog posts, be sure to write them in a way that allows the reader to either choose to read every word, or simply skim through the content.

Using bold tags in the way I have used them above is an extremely effective technique that allows your readers to get the point of your emails and blog posts, without having to read every written word.

I don’t care if you write like Edgar Allan Poe… If you’re email isn’t easy to scan, nobody is going to read it.

I don’t know if you noticed, but I used this same strategy while writing this blog post. Seriously, go back and read only the sentences in bold, and you will understand the entire 560 word blog post in record time.

My name is Taylor Thompson and I blog for 91 Day Challenge dot Com; A site about how to build muscle with the P90X program, along with other methods.

After getting sick and tired of blogging, I ran into John Chow’s on Breakfast Television interview. When John was asked, “What mistakes do people make when they begin blogging?” John answered, “Just doing it for the money… Blog about your passion.” That’s when it hit me…

For the first year, I blogged about my passion. As a result, I made money. Somewhere down the line, I began blogging for the money only, and when that happened, I made no money.

John reminded me about how important it is to blog about your passion. If you hate blogging, you may as well have a regular job, right? This guest post is dedicated to John Chow and all of his readers. Blog about your passion and it eventually will pay off. More importantly, you will have a damn good time sharing your thoughts with others.