How To Make Over $200,000 While Traveling The World

No doubt, one of the biggest benefits of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is the ability to make money while you’re laying about on the beaches of the world or while playing in the park with your daughter. Last year, I traveled for over 100 days and my Internet income kept going up while I was having fun chilling’ in some of the best hotels in the world.

Another person living the Dot Com Lifestyle is my good friend Yaro Starak of Membership Site Mastermind. In 2008, Yaro spent 8 months traveling the world and he made over $200,000 while doing it. If this is something you would like to do, then watch this little video Yaro put together.

The start of the video is really inspiring, as Yaro takes you through a slide-show from his 8-month trip around the world. During his trip he conducted two different membership site launches in two different countries. One of these launches alone generated $211,969 and the other resulted in a $20,000 a month income stream. Yaro did this all while living in a different exotic city each week, traveling and running his business online. It’s really the ultimate way to live.

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