How To Make Money with Local Lead Generation

Have you heard all the buzz lately about Local Lead Generation? Maybe not, because it’s one of those topics that doesn’t get a lot of press. Well that has all changed. My friend Chad Frederiksen of CDF Networks has put out the first totally comprehensive guide to local lead generation.

Chad’s Local Lead Plan offers over 115 pages packed with info. A lot of people aren’t familiar with Chad because he likes to fly under the radar, but he has a great pay per click/affiliate blog that is pretty widely read in the internet marketing world. Apparently he has been quietly making a killing in local lead gen for the last 4 years, and has spilled all of his knowledge in this new guide. Some of the key features include:

  • 18 chapters, 115 pages, 23,000 words long. It’s a complete local lead gen education.
  • Extremely low one time price. No rebill.
  • Covers everything from top niches, landing pages, traffic sources, pay per call, tracking, billing, scaling etc…
  • The first of its kind course
  • Local is the future of affiliate marketing
  • Totally positive feedback and press
  • Lifetime access to private members forum included

The Local Lead Plan sales page is also very refreshing because it’s not a mile long. The cost of the Local Lead Plan is a one time payment of $79. That a very good price for the amount of information Chad is offering. The timing of Chad’s offering is near perfect as well since local is the next big thing for affiliate marketers. The video below explains what the Local Lead Plan is all about. I highly recommend you take some time to watch it.

Download the Local Lead Plan and Make Money with Local Lead Generation