How To Make Money with Facebook Ads

My good friend Ian Fernando (you can see him and I launching rockets at Shoemoney here) has opened the virtual doors to his new Infinite FB online course. The course focuses on Facebook Ads and how you can become a strong marketer by simply advertising your business or affiliate offers on Facebook.

Ian has been making money with Facebook Ads since it open, and along with Volk, Shoe and DK, the person I turn to when I need help with any Facebook stuff.

The past couple days Ian has been giving great strategies on Facebook advertising. Today, he has a simple video talking about the main benefits of Facebook and what you will receive within Infinite FB and what to expect. The best part is he gives you a quick sneak peak at the backend of Infinite FB. Almost like a tease, but it does look sexy.

Facebook advertising is gaining in popularity and after watching Ian’s video series, you can tell he knows what he is talking about. Enjoy!

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