How To Make Money Online with Superlinks

Superlinks is an innovative advertising and technology company that connects online web publishers with premium advertisers using a variety of innovative digital advertising products. The company’s integrated approach to serve and manage publishers delivers amazing results for bloggers, websites, forums and content networks. Superlinks’ parent company Admanage SA is headquartered in Escazu, Costa Rica with a presence in Beverly Hills, Vancouver and Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

Superlinks has just announced the launch of its full-service online display advertising publisher platform. Designed to bridge the gap between long and medium-tail publishers with brand and direct response advertisers, the Superlinks display ad network is the perfect system for lower ranked publishers on the major web traffic measurement services.


The company has positioned itself to become a major player in the display advertising ecosystem by partnering with programmatic ad exchanges which include Doubleclick Ad Exchange by Google and OpenX. Publishers will gain access to over 900+ premium advertisers and earn the highest CPM rates in the industry by placing standard IAB Ad units or using proprietary impact ad units on their blogs or websites.

The highlight of the launch utilizes an innovative algorithm that monitors suspicious activity in real-time to deliver high quality impressions to advertisers. By becoming a trustworthy supply partner for Agencies, Trading Desks and Direct Advertisers alike, publishers benefit with high CPM rates.

“We are very excited to launch the Superlinks publisher platform for the long-tail community,” said Vice President of Product Development Travis Ketler. “The launch of the display ad network is simply a natural progression from our search division to display.”

Superlinks has also leveraged the power of the most widely used Content Management system by releasing a WordPress plugin that enables publishers to easily place ads on their blog or website. “According to WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, WordPress powers 18.9 percent of the internet serving over 4 billion page views per month,” added CEO Charlo Barbosa. “The size of the space is massive and we will approve large and small publishers as long as the quality and viewability is high.”

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