How To Make A Lightbox Newsletter Sign Up Box

Last week, Darren Rowse at showed how he increased his newsletter sign up for his Digital Photography blog by installing an Aweber Lightbox Hover sign up forum. I knew that Aweber offerred this option but had never thought about adding it until Darren showed his results.

Adding a Lightbox newsletter sign up box is pretty straight forward. I’ve made a screen cast on how to do it. So far, I’ve gotten a few comments about the sign up form but no real complaints because I set the Lightbox to display only once per visitor. In other words, if you’ve been shown the Lightbox, you’ll never see it again unless you delete your cookies.

My results with the Lightbox has been pretty impressive. I was getting 20 to 30 new sign ups per day using my newsletter form at the top left of the blog. Since adding the Lightbox, new sign ups have jumped to as high as 100 per day. The key to getting more subscriptions is to keep experimenting. Aweber offers a ton of options to control how often the Lightbox shows up and when it is shows up. Give it a try and watch your newsletter sign ups go through the roof.