How To Make a Girl Fall In Love with You

How to make a girl fall in love with you, all your answers here!

How to make a girl fall in love with you is one of the most important questions you can answer. And which girl am I talking about? Well, Google of course. Some simple tips as to how to make a girl fall in love with your blog, the Google girl 😉 Some simple SEO tips.

What Kind of Girl Are You After?

Decide who your audience are, what they will want to read about, what key terms they will search to find that reading material and then optimise your blog for those terms and blog about it.

Chose a Cool Name or Use Your Own Name

Ideally buy a URL with the keyword in it that you want the blog to rank for, or your name. Google looks at the works that link to your blog, and you rank for those works. People inevitably link to your blog by its domain name, and if that is one of the words that you want to rank for, then you will rank for that more easily. Google also places a lot of emphasis on domain names. If you are building a personal brand then buy a domain name with your name in it.

Title Your Blog

In the HTML code of your blog there is what is called a title tag. This is the Title tag on Murray “Affiliate Marketing Blog & Social Media Marketing Blog”. This should be the key term that you want your blog to rank for. I want my blog to rank for affiliate marketing blog, affiliate marketing affiliate blog, social media marketing and social media marketing blog. My choice of Title tag helps my site to rank for those terms.

Blog Posts: a love letter to her

  1. Blog about what you want to be found for!
  2. Think of title for your posts and then use Google external tool to see how much traffic is available on the terms you are looking for.
  3. Do a search on Google for title:”key term from Google external” to see what the competition on that term is. If you are optimising a post for a key term you will put the term in the title: therefore the more people with the key term in the title the more competitive it is. and the harder it is to rank for that term.
  4. Use the key term in the first paragraph of the post.
  5. Use the key term several times in the post.
  6. Use the key term at the end of the post.

Link Love for to get the Girls to like you.

  1. Google makes sites rank for the words that people use as terms to link to that site from. Link to my site using the words “Affiliate blog” and I will start to rank for that term. Link to me for the term Obama and I will start to rank for the word Obama.
  2. Link to other blogs from your posts and they are more likely to do the same back.
  3. If you are going to link to my blog please write about me as said Affiliate blog and link on the term affiliate blog, or celebrity blogger, or affiliate marketing. Why? Because I am currently trying to rank for those terms. Not sure how I want you to link to me? A – ask me, B- look at the key terms in my title bar.
  4. Know what terms you want to rank for and ask people to link to you from those words.
  5. If you want to rank for a term that is not in your title description do a blog post about that term and then ask people to link to your site using that word to that post.

    I.E., please link to me using the words “Celebrity blogger” to the post to this post

    Link to this post on the term “how to make a girl fall in love with you”

Get a Wingman

  1. Teach this to your friends, all of them.
  2. They will rank better.
  3. They will get better links.
  4. They will get more traffic.
  5. When they link to you it will help your site more.

Create a Speed Dating Event and Make It a Love In

The more sites you link with and teach better seo and the more they link to you the better your seo will be and the more your blog will grow.

For this post I chose a fun title “how to make a girl fall in love with you”. It is off topic for my blog but “how to make a girl fall in love with you” is a search phrase with lots of traffic and comparatively few intitle competitors.

This was a guest post from Affiliate Blog (he’s the guy on the right).