How To Make a DIY Laser Lighter

So, you think that smoking isn’t bad enough for your health and want to increase the risk? Then you’ll want to follow the instructions and make yourself this DIY laser lighter. Experts warn that smoking doubles the chance of going blind in old age. Adding this lighter will get you there way faster!

I wish I had one during my bar hopping days. I don’t smoke but I always carried a lighter with me because girls who do smoke are always asking for a light. The laser lighter would have made a great conversation starter. That, or it would have burnt their eye lids off.

The lighter is the work of Kipkay Videos. He’s the guy who teaches you how to DIY a bunch of strange stuff, like how to make a lie detector or how to chill a beer in two minutes. However, this laser lighter has to be his most dangerous DIY yet.

If you want something a lot more safe but a little less fun, check out Kipkay’s video on how to hack that stupid Staples Easy button.