How To Make $4,000 To $6,000 A Month with A Video Blog

My friend Gideon Shalwick has released the third and final video of his Rapid Video Blogging series. This time Gideon has a real live case study with a student who has used Gideon’s Rapid Video Blogging methods to create a video blog and is now making $4,000 to $6,000 a month with it!

Watch as Gideon sits down with Fran Kerr of and have her explain how she created a video blog on the topic of acne and turned it into a full time money making venture. I had no idea there was money in acne!

The video is nearly 40 minutes long and really goes into fine detail. You’ll see how Fran optimize her YouTube channel and blog to generate maximum traffic and sign ups to her mailing list, plus the methods she used to make all that money! It’s well worth watching. Enjoy!

Rapid Video Blogging 3rd Video

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