How To – Link Building For Your New Website

Sometimes, getting a website online may seem like a monumental task, all by itself.  I have seen web development projects on new sites take years, simply due to funding and resource problems.  Getting the site to work exactly the way you want, how you want, and look the way you want, may be the single biggest hurdle to getting online.  

The thing that most designers and owners overlook once they launch the website is that magical idea of pushing traffic to the website.  One of the best ways you can do this is link building, and this article can help show you where to begin.  If you follow some simple concepts and stay consistent in driving traffic through link-building, you will see a return on your investment that will be worthy of all the hard work you put into building the site in the first place!


When you can get out in the social world and network both in person and online, you will likely start to meet people that will want to link to your site.  If you have a quality product, and have content on your site that is new and exciting in the space that you are in, you will see people that want an association to a site like yours.  Work on your networking online with other people that are not competing in the same space(or maybe some that are!) and work on building links that way.

Another good way to develop this relationship with other site owners is to simply return the favor.  It may seem like a hard deal to send traffic AWAY from your site, but if you build links on your site for others, then you will find that they will be happy to return the favor to you!  This is especially true if you have quality content that is sending quality traffic to them.

Some of the No-No’s of link building are following, and to start out with the biggest one, I will advise you to never link to a crummy website.  You may be getting penalties right away by Google.  That means you need to say no to link-building networks, exchange links, directory submissions, and other ways to sneakily build tons of links.  

As someone very familiar to this industry, I know from personal experience that buying five hundred links from the company overseas for 9 dollars on Fiverr is not going to do you any favors.  You will get what you pay for.  If you feel like all your are doing is building links to your site, take a step back and focus on QUALITY links.  Think about this- if you are a company selling a small electronic product, it is better to get ONE link from Best Buy, than 100 Links from random sites that nobody cares about.

Get content up, and get to link building!

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