How To Leverage Push Notifications To Grow Your eCommerce Business

For eCommerce businesses, even a small increase in the number of leads generated can boost revenue to a large degree. And what if there was a way to bump up your conversion rate to an even higher level? 

There is a marketing tool that does just that. Push notifications are the answer to catching your audience’s attention, giving them timely information, and creating more sales. 

Done well, push notifications won’t detract from your user’s experience on your website or mobile site. 

And when you’ve tinkered with timing, personalization, and other elements, You can quickly grow your eCommerce business in many ways. You could increase your email subscription rate, reengage customers, create special offers, and more. 

Let’s look at just a few practical ways that you can leverage push notifications to grow your eCommerce business

Increase the number of notification opt-ins

The average email newsletter opt-in rate lies at 1.95%. Web push notifications opt-in rate is much higher, ranging from 5-15%.

By adding push notifications to your eCommerce site, you’ll be able to send content to more users. And you can also reach out to your users instantly even when they’ve left your site and are browsing other websites. 

 You can send them timely information about sales, products running out, and special offers without detracting from the overall user experience. 

Create exclusive flash sales

Customers respond well to time-bound events like flash sales. A flash sale is where you create a short window of time where people can buy products from you at a good discount. 

Using push notifications, let your customers know that you have a sale going on. 

This is a way to create FOMO i.e the Fear of Missing Out. And you’ll bring your audience back to your website in no time at all. 

Create cart abandonment and browse abandonment campaigns

People who abandon their shopping carts or have spent time browsing your site have already shown keen interest in your products. 

You can create a campaign that specifically targets customers who only need to click the buy button to complete their purchase.

Like an email drip campaign, a cart abandonment campaign can be set to automatically send targeted messages to users who have abandoned products. You can send a series of push notifications to users with a product image and link. 

PushEngage, a push notifications tool, helped an Australian clothing company bring down its cart abandonment rate of 69.57%. They had a 10% click-through rate, 9.58% conversion rates, and boosted sales up to 4000$ a week.

A browse abandonment campaign works in a similar way. Send notifications with images and links to users who’ve looked at products but didn’t take any action. 

Get more reviews

Building reviews for your eCommerce site is vital to build social proof and get users to trust you. Five-star and four-star reviews show other people that customers are buying your products and that they like your brand. 

Push notifications are a great way to ask your customers to write a review on the product they’ve bought from you.

A push notification asking customers to leave review

Create a campaign that automatically goes out to users a few days after they’ve received or bought your product.

Ask them to share their experience and let them know that their opinion matters. When you get more reviews, you’ll improve your sales of products automatically.

Improve the impact of your live events

Live events are powerful draws that help you interact with your audience in real-time. One issue that you can face when hosting your live event is unexpected technical problems. 

Wicked Weasel, the previously mentioned Australian clothing company, was able to bring customers back to their live event quickly when they faced technical issues. 

They sent push notifications that immediately updated their users with information. Emails would never have engaged customers as quickly. This goes to show that how you use push notifications is only limited by your creativity. 

Segment your customers

As in email marketing, segmenting your push notification subscribers enables you to personalize content. And when you personalize your marketing messages, you can create conversions at a double-digit rate. 

Here are the different parameters by which you can segment your push notification users:

  • Devices like tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers
  • Geolocation: If your customers in different time zones, push notifications can be set up to engage them in their own timezone
  • Content-based: You can look at the page from which users subscribed to your push notifications. This will tell you what your audience is interested in, which will help you create personalized push content
  • Product viewed: Trigger a push notification campaign based on whether your users have watched a video, clicked a product, or downloaded a specific product file. This tells you they’re interested and you can offer special discounts via push notifications to boost sales
  • Purchase history: previous user behavior can give you plenty of ideas on ways to engage your customers. Use push notifications to link to related products that customers might be interested in or to cross-promote other items

Reengage users

The business aphorism that it’s less expensive and easier to retain customers than to find new ones is also true of website visitors. 

Push notifications let you reengage customers who have left your site and this tactic works better than most others because:

  • You can deliver your message directly to users over the browser
  • Users don’t have to be on your website to get a notification
  • Your customers receive notifications immediately i.e. as soon as they’re sent

If you’ve been using paid advertising to get visitors to your site, then it’s critical to find ways to reengage them. 

A small and interactive push notification can help you boost the returns you get on your ad campaigns by getting in touch with your user time and again. 


Building an eCommerce business is a great way to make money online. It’s critical to implement the right marketing strategies that bring more traffic to your site and convert visitors into paying customers. 

Using push notifications will give you an edge over your competitors since they’re a high converting marketing tool. 

We’ve covered several ways they can work for you to grow your business. Add them to your marketing toolkit today and you’ll see results right away. 

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of OptinMonster, WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.