How to Increase Your Retweets Rate


Did you know that getting “retweets” on Twitter can increase your content engagement by 30%? The best thing about this statement is that the 30% can fluctuate depending on the type of content being shared. For example, 30% of 10,000 is different than 30% of 1 million. You should always focus on writing and sharing content that people love on social networks. For example, the highest engagement on involves career based content. Next, on Facebook and Twitter, any content that provides a complete solution to a common problem will outperform all other. Anyway, once we’ve narrowed down the type of content that creates a buzz, we want to ensure we gain the highest amount of retweets possible.

This was a very common question I received from my readers so I decided to do research to find an answer. I gathered the data and compressed everything into this post. Here are all the elements of an effective Twitter sharing campaign that is perfect for increasing RT’s (retweets).

Tweet Length

Tweet length has been part of several case studies because it’s been proven different characters within a tweet will create different engagement. However, how can this be applied to RT?

Statistically, it’s been proven that tweets between 71-100 characters received the highest RT going forward. Why? Well, it allows you to add the right information while leaving room to add RT and @username. If you’re trying to receive high RT from your tweet, then you have to make sure you write enough to grab attention as well as add the right elements. Asking people to “RT” engaging content helps and having the right usernames will increase engagement as well. The cool thing is you can add different “usernames” so if I’m tweeting content about making money, then adding @johnchow is an awesome way to add some credibility.

Tweet Links

I found enormous data that correlated the fact you should always “tweet” links as they get the most RT. Much of this has to do the content itself and substance it provides to niche relevant people. For example, I’ve noticed whenever I tweet links to high value content, I receive way more RT than just quotes, messages, etc.

The awesome thing is many tools now allow you to quickly shorten URL’s so they can be added to tweets without taking up too much space. is an awesome tool to shorten URL’s, and even keep track of click-through. Even though the gap between tweets with links and no-links isn’t too wide, your goal is to get the most RT from every single tweet. Why? Imagine getting RT by someone with 100,000 followers? This can increase traffic to your page enormously.

# of Hashtags

Having more than “1” #hastag per tweet can increase your “RT’s” by 10%. There is no rocket science to understanding that getting your tweet in front of popular topics will increase your overall engagement. For example, if I’m blogging about “link building”, I should include the following to get it in front of the most people: #SEO, #link building, #content marketing, #Google, etc. These are all popular #hashtags and are searched several times by visitors on Twitter. Your tweet should include the following: Comment> Link>#hastags>RT

If you use the right tools, you’ll have no problem fitting all of it into an engaging tweet. Use to find popular tags within your niche. I love using this tool because it also provides other relevant #hashtags that can be added to your tweets to increase engagement.


Time and Day to Tweet

Data has shown that Tweeting on Friday between 12PM-2PM will get you the highest RT’s. Much of the data has shown that people are about to start the weekend and have more time to spend on recreational activities at work. This means they’ll log into Twitter at work and RT content they find relevant and useful. However, every niche is different so spend time keeping an eye on RT’s during the entire week and select the top 2-3 days that gives you the highest engagement. In the end, you’ll feel good that you have tested every avenue and are getting the most out of your social activity.

Wrapping It Up…

Twitter, when utilized correctly, can be a very effective tool for increasing traffic and user engagement. Just like with any marketing strategy, you have to optimize to find what is working well for your niche. Thanks to many FREE tools available, the optimization aspect of marketing can easily be streamlined to give you quicker results. When using Twitter, implement the tips above to increase RT and engagement.

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