How To Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Whaaaat, don’t tell me you didn’t… are you for real?! Well, what happened? Are you sick?…

Did you ever have a similar conversation with your boss? I’m sure you did. We all experience the unproductivity beast at times. In case you don’t recognize it, try this for size. You just spent a whole day procrastinating about your lack of productivity and go to bed a frustrated person, ready to do another day of … doing nothing.

When We Have To Stop Kidding Ourselves

It’s OK to be a master procrastinator from time to time, but not most of the time! Interestingly though, a lot of people who claim they can’t make money online are exactly that! They busy themselves with meaningless tasks such as reading blogs, eBooks, tutorials, email, and the countless other tasks we do each day. Oh, I did forget Twitter, chat and other social media.

If you don’t see growth in your business, look at what you DO each day to help your business grow. Do you actively:

  • Market your business?
  • Work your business to earn money?
  • Brand your business?
  • Network with people who can bring you new business?

If you said no to all of the above, then you need to do some major renovating and restructuring of your working habits. In fact, you NEED to get proper working habits, because you clearly don’t have any.

Admission Is The Key

When we are unproductive, we usually are for good reasons. We could be:

  • Exposed to constant distractions.
  • Unhappy about our working environment.
  • Unclear about directions.
  • Resenting our boss.
  • Unmotivated.
  • Experiencing a lack of passion/drive.

Or we could simply suck at self-management. If you do, then don’t worry. Not everyone is born a productive guru. Most of us have to unlearn bad habits and learn good ones. Whatever the reason for your lack of action, as long you admit to yourself that in fact you do suck at being productive, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Be honest about your lack of productivity and don’t kid yourself about doing the things that don’t matter to your bottom line. Checking email a dozen times a day won’t put money into your pocket. Neither does chatting on instant messenger.

Once, and if you have reached your daily target, you can indulge all you want into the pleasure side of business/a job.

Setting Benchmarks

A great way to beat unproductive habits is by setting benchmarks. I like to work with daily income goals myself. If I haven’t reached a certain income target in a given day, I simply don’t rest. I work when I’m sick, angry, frustrated and happy. To me, all these personal states of being don’t matter as much. What matters is my business and going forward.

Is it easy? Heck no. At times it is the hardest thing I do, especially when I work with the worst cold, or fever. But as long as I can work, I usually do.

There is much satisfaction in finishing a day, knowing I’ve done all I could that day. It is the one reason why I’m successful and not wishing to be!

How you too can become a productive person, in charge of your destiny

The step from major procrastinator to major achiever is often smaller than you think. The secret of the whole concept lies in the step.

It’s the action, or the lack of it that ultimately makes the difference in your day. If your head is filled with things you need to do, then you should try to prioritize your priorities first.

The quickest way to stop procrastinating is to ‘just do it,’ in the true Nike sense.

Reclaim your life by facing the unproductivity beast head-on. It’s not going to be easy while you retrain your habits, but I can almost guarantee you that it is possible to become a very productive person by following the tips below:

  • Work in short productive bursts. The burst is determined by your concentration span. For some this relates to 20 minutes at a time, while others can last a full 45 minutes.
  • After each productivity burst take a short break to refresh your mind and body.
  • Drink lots of water. Try to avoid too much coffee (yeah, I now it’s my vice too.)
  • Opt to work in a no distraction zone whenever you can.
  • Make sure your office is well lit and has fresh air.
  • Start the day with the most complicated task.
  • Work out a system that works for you, forget what the gurus say.
  • Enjoy the ride!

Feel free to add your tips on becoming more productive.

This was a guest post from Deep Arora from How I Did Blog.