How To Increase Kontera/IntelliTXT Revenue

Many of you run Vibrant IntelliTXT or Kontera for help bring additional revenue to your sites. But I doubt many have thought about tweaking it for maximum income. If your IntelliTXT or Kontera income is low then the follow tips should help you out.

Make sure other ads don’t block the text link

Oh my site I had an Flash banner from Ultra that block the Kontera ad. This is a common problem with flash ads. If you have any banner that blocks off the IntelliTXT or Kontera ad, then get that fix. If people can’t read the full ad, they won’t click on it.

Keep the ad to the content body only

Kontera and IntelliTXT works best if the hightlighted links are in the content body. Headlines, side panels, etc should not be spidered. You can control what parts of your site gets spider with Kontera by using the span tag. For IntelliTXT, it’s done with a div tag. Use these to keep the highlighted text with body content only.

Make the Kontera/IntelliTXT link the same color as your normal links

The same “blending” that works on Google, also works with Kontera/IntelliTXT. Don’t use their default link color! Match them to your normal links and click will go up.

The Results

By making the tweaks above, our click rate tripled from 0.4% to 1.2%. That’s 300% increase in Kontera income without increasing page views.

For those who are not using this ad source but want to give it a try, you can sign up for IntelliTXT at or with Kontera at

Keep in mind that if you’re running Google AdSense, you maybe running against Google’s TOS by running Kontera/IntelliTXT link. I say maybe because it’s open to interpretation. Google has told some sites they can’t run IntelliTXT and AdSense at the same time, but they have said it’s fine for other sites. It should be noted that all those sites that they said it’s fine for are very big. If you’re not sure where you fit, then just email Google and ask.

Happy Tweaking.