How to Increase Email Conversions

Are you that person who sits back and wonders “what am I doing wrong?” Asking yourself why Bob has an email list of 5,000 while your sitting with a list of 200 people. What magic formula is he using that you aren’t? Truth be told, there is no “secret” or “magic formula” to building an email list with thousands of people on it. It’s the common steps people fail to follow that cause them to lose out on thousands of opt-ins.

A common struggle that a lot of people have is increasing conversions on their websites. A lot of times people will give up on their list because it’s not growing at a rate they would like it to, leaving their list to die.

Is building a list really hard? Or is it just being approached the wrong way? Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at 4 steps that will increase your email conversions.

1 – Landing pages

Having landing pages on your website is the best way hands down to increasing conversions to your email list. Having a landing page allows your visitors’ entire focus to be your email list. People think just because they have a sidebar opt-in on their site that will be enough to build them a massive email list.

Landing pages convert the best on websites for many reasons…

  • You have a dedicated page to talk about your course and sell to your readers why they should join your email list.
  • You can have multiple opt-in forms on your landing page.
  • You can include testimonials about how your course/product has helped others.

And the best reason of them all is… others can promote your course! If I wanted to promote John Chow’s Blogprofitcamp course on my website, how could I effectively promote the course if there was no landing page set up? Having a landing page set up gives your readers more incentive to promote your course to their readers because they know it’s an direct link they can send them to.

2 – Have a unique selling point

What’s your USP? What about your course makes it stand out from the thousands of other courses out there?

If you’re in a crowded niche, make a course that offers more value then any other one of the courses in your niche. That alone can be your unique selling point, the fact that you are providing more value for free than what anyone else is offering.

3 – Have a confirmation page

By not having a confirmation page, you’re leaving lot’s of subscribers on the table! Email providers give you the option to set up custom confirmation pages, take advantage of them.

What I personally recommend is to screen shot your confirmation email and when people reach your confirmation page, display a picture of the exact email they will be receiving. This technique works and increases conversions because you’re training your subscribers to know exactly what to look for.

Edit your confirmation email

Something I learned from attending a list building webinar is that your confirmation email can actually lower or increase your conversion rate. By default, most email providers will set their confirmation email to “Confirm your subscription” you want to change that to “Confirm your email.”

They both send off completely different messages

Confirm your subscription: This email sends off the vibe that your reader is subscribing to a product/service which is going to require them to pay. Often, payment services such as Paypal will say “confirm your subscription” for people who want to pay recurring payments.

You don’t want to give off that message to your readers, because if you do, you’ve just lost a profitable subscriber.

Confirm your email: Confirm your email gives off the right message by telling your reader to simply confirm/verify that this email is theirs and they want to receive emails from you.

See the difference?

4 – List exchanges

A list exchange is simply promoting someone’s list and they promote yours. Find someone that is in your list that has a similar size and quality list, email them and ask them would they be interested in promoting your list and in return you would promote theirs.

If they agree, simply send an email out to your list telling them about your friends course and tell them why they should subscribe. Include a link to their landing page, and your set. They will do the same for you and you can sit back and watch your lists grow.

Are you growing your list?

Are you applying these 4 easy steps to take action and grow your email list? Also, what are some other ways you use to increase your email conversions?

Rob Rammuny is a 16 year old Internet marketer/blogger who teaches other’s how to make money online at his blog If you’re interested in learning how to make money online, check out my free make money online eCourse.

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