How to Increase Conversions with Triggered Emails

If you’re looking for an effective way to increase your conversions, look no further than triggered emails.

What are triggered emails? Triggered emails are emails that are automatically sent to subscribers when they take a specific action. These actions could include visiting a specific page on your website, signing up for your email list, download a lead magnet, and more. Triggered emails are timely and personal. These two magical ingredients are key if you want to encourage website visitors to buy.

While it might seem complicated to create triggered emails, it’s actually not. With many of the best email marketing services, you can easily set up triggered emails with just a few clicks.

But, what kind of triggered emails should you send in order to turn users into customers?

Here’s how to increase conversions with triggered emails.

Welcome Email

When a website visitor signs up for your email list, you know that they’re interested in what you have to offer. So, you’ve got to make a good first impression. An easy way to do that — and make new subscribers feel special — is by sending them a triggered welcome email. According to Invesp, welcome emails generate 4x more opens and 5x more clicks than regular email marketing campaigns. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and your company to potential customers.

For example, take a look at this welcome email from Casper. They welcome the new subscriber to the “world of better sleep” and include links to help the user get to know them better.

Feeling connected a company is an important step to building trusting relationships with your subscribers. When a new subscriber feels like a part of the family, they’ll be more likely to turn into a loyal customer in the future.

Onboarding Email

When a user first gets started with your company, it’s important to make sure they have a smooth experience. If their experience is filled with doubt and confusion, they’re not going to stick around. Which means, you can lose out on a ton of potential revenue. So, you need to send your new customers a triggered onboarding email.

Onboarding is key to reducing customer churn. According to PostFunnel, a poll of customers that churned within the first week found that 60% of them did so because they either didn’t understand how to use the product or failed to see the value of it.

When a user signs up for your product/service, your onboarding email needs to act as a tour guide for them. Clearly explain how to use the product as well as how it will benefit the user and you can reduce the risk of new customers giving up in frustration.

Online Form Email

When users visit your website, they’re not always ready to buy right away. Typically, users will want to browse around your site a little and get answers to their questions first. Which is why you should have an online form on your website. An online form lets your website visitors easily get in touch with you, whether it’s to ask questions about your product, get a quote for your services, or to register online for an event, for instance.

After a user fills out an online form, instead of just sending a confirmation email, you can send a triggered email with the information they’re looking for. For example, if a user fills out a general questions contact form, you can send them a triggered email that includes FAQs and links to helpful resources. By providing them with instant information, you can help speed up the buying process.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Email

Shopping cart abandonment is the worst; just when a user fills up their cart and is about to hit that ‘Checkout’ button — POOF! — they’re gone. And they’re taking their money with them. To prevent this from happening, you need to send triggered cart abandonment emails.

For instance, every time a user leaves their shopping cart without purchasing, you can automatically send them an email, similar to the one below from Beardbrand. The email reminds users about the items they left behind and encourages them to return to the online store.

Triggered shopping cart abandonment emails can help you win back lost sales.

Another Tip: To further reduce cart abandonment, you can also create a cart abandonment popup on your website with a tool like OptinMonster. This way, you can encourage users to make a purchase before they leave your website.

Inactivity Email

Aside from sending triggered emails based on specific actions, you can send triggered emails based on inactivity as well. When you have some users who are regularly buying from your business or using your service, it can hurt your bottom line when it suddenly seems like they’ve forgotten about you. To bring those inactive users or shoppers back to your website, send them a triggered inactivity email.

For instance, check out this example from Love, Loft. When a customer hasn’t made a purchase in awhile, they send an email with a coupon they can use towards their next purchase, which is a great way to encourage inactive users to return to your site.

Life gets busy sometimes, so your customers may have just not had the time to interact with you. So, even simply letting your customers know that you miss them can sometimes be enough to reignite their passion for your company.

Over to You

One of the best parts about triggered emails is that they’re personal and personalization is important in email marketing. Your subscribers will get a message that’s specific to them and their behavior, making them more likely to take action. With these tips for how to increase conversions with triggered emails, you can easily boost your revenue. And you’ll barely have to lift a finger to do so.