How To Improve Your Organic CTR

How many of you were tempted to click on the here button just to see where it took you? It’s an undeniable fact, human curiosity is absolutely incurable! Links are just as valuable as the content that lies at the end of the rainbow. We follow the rainbow because we get mesmerized by it’s beauty and the curiosity that lies behind whether it will lead to a pot of gold.


Developing an amazing link profile will help drive immeasurable traffic to your site. Of course a link is only as valuable as the content it represents. Numerous SEO articles, and experienced keynote speakers from SMX will attest to this fact. Content and links go hand in hand. Yet how do you maximize their potential and make them work for you? What is the key to creating an amazing link profile and why is it so important?!!

The CTR Will Impact Rankings

Let’s put it in simple terms. The more people click on your site link over Google search results, the higher you rank. Now I could possibly make it more complicated than that but, in laymen’s terms, that’s the essence of the concept.

All kidding aside, how many people go past the first page of Google search results? Perhaps if you’re really invested in the answer you may possibly peruse over the first three pages. Beyond that lies a cemetery of search results that will never see the light of day nor the click of a visitor. The success of your site hinges on being seen and to accomplish this you must rank high in Google search results.

Outrunning your competition means that you must outrank your competition. Your click through rate can help you to cross the finish line in record time and take home first prize!

Destroy the Competition with Engagement Metrics

EAT is an acronym that refers to a set of standards that measures and evaluates the content of sites which appear throughout Google search results.  It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google wants to ensure that visitors are receiving a premium experience and that all information delivered through high ranking search results is valid and accurate.

As with any system there must be measuring sticks by which to compare results. This is where engagement metrics come into play. Click-Through-Rate is an engagement metric that assists Google to measures the effectiveness of your site based on the number of people that click on your link. It’s not the only measuring tool out there but it is definitely an important one to take into account.

Google evaluates your authority, expertise and trustworthiness by watching how visitors behave on your site. How long do they stay on your pages? Do they visit more than one page or just bounce back to the search engine results page? Compared to your competitor, how do you fare? Do your visitors seem engaged with your content or do you lose their interest rather quickly and look elsewhere for answers?

Google is looking to your click through rate to determine your levels in all three categories of EAT. Will you EAT up the competition or finish the race last? Truly it is up to you, but if you really wish to understand how to rank higher than look no further than your CTR!

Your click through rate can help you determine just where you need to make improvements and necessary upgrades.

Awesome Headlines

Headlines are of the utmost importance. You only have a few seconds to draw in your audience and get them to click on your site link so you must make the most of it. Let me share with you the 5 most common elements of amazing headlines according to BuzzSomo. You need to zero in on format, emotion, content type, promise and topic. These 5 areas can help take your CTR through the roof one click at a time!

  1. Format is a big player. Your format must be self-evident in the headline. 27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz. It’s not hard to guess that the content of this article will be held in a list. Whether you choose to go with an infographic or research data, your headline should reflect what’s to come. This gives readers a sense of predictability as they know what to expect when they click on your link.
  1. Emotions drives our actions. Visitors will click on links that peak their interest with elements of laughter, amusement, intrigue awe, anger, joy, empathy and surprise. Seek to use words that elicit connections and engage the emotions of your audience.
  1. Content type: Make your headline reflect your content. Whether you are providing tips, images, quotes or charts you readers must get a sense of what will follow based merely on the headline itself.

E.g. Top ten tips to create a room with amazing Feng shui.There’s no mystery here. The headline already tells the reader that the content shall include tips for Feng shui.

  1. Great headlines make promises. Your readers are looking for opportunities for self-improvement and making promises that allow for personal growth is one way to get them hooked. When you center your efforts on how-to-guides you are indirectly leading your consumers to the promise of a brighter future where they too can develop a level of expertise in any one given area.
  1. Your headline should contain your topic. Your readers are searching the internet because they have a particular query that they need answered. Including your topic in the headline generates opportunities for keyword searches to bring up your link profile thus improving your click through rate.
  2. Pages With Low CTR are Website Cancer

Let’s go back to basics. Your content was created for consumption. While a work of art in your eyes, its purpose is not to sit on a shelf and never be seen. You wrote it and posted it on the internet with the hopes that others would read and enjoy your perspective and opinions. Great content must be visible and users must click on your site link. This is a non-negotiable.

How you get them to click is really where you need to focus your efforts. This is where we overemphasize the importance of headlines so that you don’t miss the point. Headlines drive traffic and the only way to boost your click through rate is to make your headline the magnet by which you attract every piece of surrounding metal or readers as the case may be.

Mediocre headlines attract mediocre numbers of visitors. So following this logic, think great and you will be GREAT! Challenge yourself to create great headlines and you’ll have the click through rate of your dreams and the rankings to back it up.

You can Influence Search Volume and CTR

Influencing your search volume and CTR is easier than it looks. Your objective here is to increase public consciousness of your brand. If people are familiar with your site and what it has to offer they will be more likely to click on your link if it shows up in organic search results. Familiarity breeds comfort and browsers thrive on doing what makes them feel at ease.

Brand recognition increases the likelihood that browsers will be turned into buyers. Ultimately your conversion rates hinge on public awareness and your click through rate plays an important role in making this a reality. Use remarketing strategies to target those who have already visited your site or app through search ads.

Developing a solid brand presence involves using as many social platforms as possible. Both Facebook and Twitter offer inexpensive ad space that allows for maximum exposure. Using these mediums can increase mobile search referral traffic by 6-12.8 percent according to Facebook.

Public awareness of your site and your brand is directly impacted by your click through rate. Focusing your SEO efforts on your click through rate will directly affect the success of your business!

Start Improving Your Organic CTR Now!

Get ready, Get set, Go!!

  1. Gather all your query data from the Search Console.
  1. Plot out your click through rate against your average position. For queries that your site organically ranks for, you need to make a comparison between the average position and the click through rate. This will give you a visual representation of how your click through rate is measuring up.
  1. With the above statistics create an exponential trend line. This strategy will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. Queries that fall below the average click through rate will immediately become apparent and thus create opportunities for you to make future adjustments.
  1. Determine your most at risk pages. Measurement tools such as page views or conversions by specific keyword combinations can assist you during the sorting process. It’s fundamental that you zero in on areas for overall improvement. The only way to improve your click through rate is to focus your efforts on your problem spots and make necessary upgrades to instigate change.


The future of your company is measured by how well you have cultivated a substantial online presence. Your ability to create conversions and develop authority lies in how often people click on your link profile.

Make your SEO efforts all about improving your bottom line BUT start with your Click Through Rate. The race is on and the winner will be the one who attracts the most clicks!