How to Implement The Perfect Sales Team

The importance of having good people around your business cannot be questioned. Working with the right people gives you motivation and can generate awesome ideas that can spark growth within your business. If you are a business that sells products and/or services, then it’s important you have the right sales team on your side. However, many people ignore the fundamentals of choosing the right team, which can hurt the overall growth of their business. Many small businesses, when they’re starting out, will have “1” person in charge of hiring the right team and it’s important that person understands what to look for. If you are facing this similar challenge, then we have some tips that will help guide your selection process.

Here is my advice to you on how to choose the right sales people for your business that will increase your overall growth.


Understand the Industry

For you to hire the right people for your sales work, it’s important that you understand the industry so you know what to look for. It’s impossible choosing people to do work for you if you don’t understand what’s required by them. There’s a reason you have “good” and “bad” sales people and the element that differentiates both is how well one knows the industry compared to the other. The job falls on you to not only choose the person you feel will be better for the job, but also one who understands the profession.

If you’ve been put directly in charge of hiring the right sales person, then make sure you understand the industry completely. Here’s something to remember that will give you a good idea of what to look for:

Choose someone who is great at building a relationship with the customer as this is always the first step in building a business relationship. Once you’ve opened up the communication gateway, you can then find out what the person needs and is looking for. Make sure you choose a person who is great at creating a relationship and connection with the customer.

First Salesman Approach

It’s one thing to understand the industry, however, to put it into action is completely different, which is why it’s important that you’re the first salesman in your company. Having the right skills as a salesman will help you understand the roadblocks and hurdles your employees will go through. You’ll know what type of people can overcome these obstacles and will ensure you find those characteristics within your sales team. It’s easy to implement this strategy because you simply have to hold off on the hiring process until you know you’re the best at it. Putting the skills into use will help you train your team when the time comes and help them make changes over time. Remember,

Once you hire you’re team, it’s important you keep your skills up-to-date because the market can change anytime and you need to ensure you have a game plan for when it does.

Hire Someone Who Wants to Grow

For you to get the best people on your team, you need to hire someone looking to improve, no matter what the circumstances. Salesman make mistakes and the ones who conquer all obstacles are those who don’t let anything hold them back. When interviewing people for this position, make sure they are passionate about joining your team, not out to make a quick dollar. Just like blogging, it takes time to be the best and there’ll be days you’ll make no money but being passionate will help you persevere.

Furthermore, when conducting interviews, take your time and ask them the right questions so you can get a wide scope of their personality. Again, hire someone who is passionate and who wants to be the best and it helps to find people who want to compete on a higher level than they are used to. Competition is stiff in this industry so these salesman need to keep reaching for a higher level.

A New Generation

Things are changing quickly and the old way of doing business is almost obsolete. Even in sales, it’s important to hire people from a younger generation who know the new tricks of the trade. The older generation are used to working with companies that have an old fashion way of doing business that includes no social media, different documentation procedures, and non-aggressive style. Not to mention, these people might not have the passion to work for a new company trending a different way. However, what the new generation learns in school and by interacting in society prepares them for the hustle that’s required for selling products.

It’s important to keep an open mind when hiring. However, from experience, the new trend tends to dominate better in today’s world.

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