How To Handle Negative Comments In A Blog

I’ve been noticing an increase in negative comments in the blog. The commentators aren’t happy with the level of advertising, number of ReviewMe reviews, promotion of AGLOCO, food posts, etc. They warn that the blog is not what it used to be, that I am on a slippery slope, and that my traffic will go down if I continue on this path. My reply to all this is, “Thanks for making my blog bigger.”

Negative Comments Are A Good Thing

I actually look forward to negative comments in my blog because it’s an indication of growth. This is a general rule to keep in mind: as your blog gets bigger, the number of negative comments increases. Therefore, don’t look at negative comments in a blog as a bad thing. It’s really a good thing – your blog is growing! Evil rule to remember: if you’re not pissing somebody off, you’re not doing it right.

This does not mean you should purposely try to piss readers off. That would be stupid. What is does mean is you cannot please everyone all the time and you shouldn’t even try. That goal is not possible no matter how much we wish for it. The blogsphere is too diverse a place for everyone to be happy with what you have to say or do.

Negative Comments Encourage Discussions

Let’s face it, a blog comment section would be pretty boring if everyone replied, “Great post! I completely agree with you.” Having a negative comment show up in a post encourages discussions among the readership. It’s the same as a flame war in a forum. While many people say flame wars are bad, most forum owners won’t stop it once it starts because it generates a lot of traffic and traffic equals money.

This is one reason why I allow negative comments on the blog. I know the negative comments will bring people on both sides of the issue to post their views. It’s ironic that the negative commentators warning of traffic decline are in fact helping to increase traffic.

People Who Say They’re Leaving Don’t

No one really completely leaves a site. They may not visit as often as they used to but it’s rare for anyone to never come back. I’ve had commentators post that my blog had changed for the worst and they’re leaving and never coming back. The next day, they’re flaming me again for another post.

How To Handle A Negative Comment

The best way to handle a negative comment is to thank the reader for making it and then address his concerns. Never flame the reader even if he flames you. That makes you look extremely unprofessional. While you can edit a negative comment for profanity, you should never delete it. A comment is the same as content and content drives traffic.

The next time you read a few negative comments on your blog, don’t look at it as a bad thing. Instead, it’s a sign that your blog is growing and you’re doing something right. If you never get a negative comment on your blog, you’re doing it wrong.