How To Guest Blog for Maximum Exposure

Many people have a great many questions about how to get the guest blogging done, or if they should actually do it.  This obviously applies to the blogger and the guest as well.  Perhaps they want to know if they should stay on topic with other titles on the blog site, or if they want to do it on a weekly basis, monthly, or daily.  This should give you some good ideas for how to successfully incorporate guest blogging onto your site.  It is a valuable tool that you can use to build a ton of credibility to your blog, to enhance readership, and also market YOUR site and name on a completely new platform.


The first thing to keep in mind when writing guest blogs is to make sure you are selective in choosing where to post!  For example, if you are a gun control advocate, it may not serve you well to do a guest post on a blog from an NRA commentator or a conservative blogger such as Matt Walsh.  Furthermore, you would not want to post on a site where you would not want their audience to become a part of your audience.

Do some research on where your blog post will end up.  Take a look at the blog site and look at the comments on the blogs that are already posted.  Are the blog posts well received? is there a lot of traffic on each of these blog posts?  If this is the case, you may want to pick a topic that is along the same line of thinking that is already up.  For example, if the last three blog articles are on news surrounding the new NFL season, it may not be prudent to write a blog on the world cup of soccer that ended two months ago.  People may simply skip your blog and not worry about it until you can write about something that they care about.

If your initial blog is received well, and the viewership/readership enjoys what you are posting, then do not shy away from returning to the same blog to do guest blogs more!  This will increase popularity and increase the traffic to your own blog.  As people get a taste for what you are writing about, if they like it, they will crave more, and will end up on your site looking for cool stories to post on their facebook page and argue about with all of their friends……driving…you guessed it….more traffic to your site!

There are tons of sites out there that would love to have guest bloggers.  Reach out to them and offer to write free blog posts to help their viewership, and you will find that it will be a win-win scenario as your popularity and your traffic increases on your own site.

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