How To Grind Faster with The Comandante C40 – Easy Hack

I recently picked up a hand coffee grinder from Comandante. The C40 is one of the best, and most expensive, manual coffee grinders you can buy. It cost $250, which is more expensive than most electric grinders. For that money, you get a super high quality grinder that can grind beans to make a wide range of coffee drinks.

One of my favorite uses for the Comandante C40 is to make an espresso. This requires a very fine grind, which the C40 can do. The problem is it’s a very slow process. At its finest setting, it can take 20 or more minutes just to grind 20 grams of coffee beans. It’s also very tiring on the arm!

In the following videos, I show an unboxing and review of the Comandante C40, and a little hack I did to speed the grinding. It’s perfect when you want an espresso or Turkish coffee, and don’t want to tire out your arm grinding the beans into a fine powder.