How To Give Your List Exactly What They Want

Building a responsive email lists is one of the surefire ways to guarantee an income online. In fact, many marketers will agree that it is the best method for online success. Just building a list however will not bring you the success you are looking for, unless you are able to deliver on your list needs.

Targeting Your Email Prospects

Delivering on the needs of your list will require that you target your prospects carefully. This whole process does take some research. You will have to find a match for the products or services you are trying to offer. Finding the perfect match will entail identifying the habits of your prospects.

There are several valuable tools online that provide pertinent information on related websites. Websites such as, and Google Adwords Keyword Tool can be great sources of information to help you get started. For example, If your niche is weight loss, you can visit the top weight loss sites and used these tools to find out the make up of your top competitors visitors.

Tailoring Your Website To Attract Email Subscribers

The valuable information retrieved from your research can then be used to speak to your prospects through your website, blog or landing page. By knowing their age, interest, and the keywords your prospects used to reach other similar websites, you can then tailor your content to get them to visit yours.

Creating A Good Opt-in Form Offer

The next step is getting the prospect to join your newsletter. This can easily be done by implemented in an optin form on your website, landing page or squeeze page. The key to getting the subscriber is contingent on making them an offer they canít refuse. This offer can be in the form or a free ebook providing a solution, a free software that simplifies their life, or a subscription to a free newsletter.

Utilizing Stats To Identify Your Email List Triggers

Once they are on your list, you can then began to communicate with them personally. Regular email communications can tell you a lot about your subscribers. A good autoresponder will be able to help you gather more facts such as open rates, click thrus and sales. These stats go a long way in letting you know what email subjects and products create a buzz with your list.

Getting Optimum Results With Surveys

But, the best way to really get to know exactly what your list wants is through a survey. After building a nice size list, you can ask your list directly what they want by sending them a request to participate in a survey. If you are not sure how to begin this process; Donít worry. There is a free website online called Survey Monkey to walk your through this simple process.

The results gathered from a survey will let you know exactly what your list really wants. Using the same weight example, you will able to find out if your list prefers exercise equipment, weight loss supplement, or are more interested in nutrition. These facts can assist you in either creating a product for your list of offering them exactly what they want through affiliate products.

Building a responsive email marketing list is an organic process that should be well thought out. You can not simply collect a bunch of email addresses with the intentions of sending them numerous non related offers and expect to succeed. You definitely have to take the time to find out what your list wants. When this process is done correctly, you will have a real business that will perform for you for a long time.

This was a guest post by Marc Marseille of