How to Get Your Content Shared By the Best in Your Niche

After you publish content, it’s important to be creative in the way you market to different people and channels. If you don’t have a network of relevant authority bloggers, then it can be hard to gain traction quickly. We have to keep in mind social media is an awesome marketing channel because you can funnel thousands of people to your blog within seconds. However, social media is only effective if you can find a way to leverage popular accounts, especially those with thousands of followers. For example, currently has over 100,000 followers on his Twitter account so you can imagine how a simple “tweet” can generate some serious buzz quickly. The hard part now is getting these people to notice your content and share it on their profiles.

Around 10 months ago, I started to do some research and put various different types of content together, looking for a pattern. I wanted to find how I can generate an immediately buzz while being able to leverage authority bloggers. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been able to see what format of content is the best to publish and how you can leverage format types to drive social media traffic. Let’s explore some cool ways to get authority bloggers to share your content.

Roundup Post

This is an awesome strategy and has worked amazing well to generate enormous social traffic. The concept is very easy to understand and starts off with a common question in your niche. You should perform some research and find a very big problem within your niche then create a list of influential bloggers on the topic. Once you have your list of bloggers and a common problem in your niche, it’s time to perform some serious outreach. Email each blogger, asking them for an answer on how to solve the problem. This is effective for the following reason:

First, authority bloggers have enormous experience and can provide an accurate solution to the problem. Secondly, they are doing all the work for you because all that’s left to do in the end is compile all the answers into a post and click publish. Third, because you mentioned the blogger’s name in an expert roundup, and have included a link to their blog, you’ll get the content “tweeted” on their social profile. For example, out of the 14 people I included in my roundup, 12 of them were more than happy to share after publishing.

After you’ve published your roundup, you can continue to email these bloggers to keep communication with them, building a relationship that will come useful later on.

Promote Their Product

There are hundreds of new products entering the market each year. Some of them are SEO tools while others are in-depth courses showing you exactly what to do to be successful online. Many top bloggers, once they reach a certain pinnacle in their career, will offer courses on monthly bases to help beginners dominate the web. Even though they have other enormous top bloggers promoting their course for them, they never reject other promotional channels because every little bit will help. A great way to leverage authority bloggers and their social accounts is to write a review about their course. However, it’s important to implement the following strategy as it’s the MOST effective:

Contact them and tell them to give you FREE trial so you can write a review for your readers. Many bloggers would agree to this request because it’s free marketing for a new product. If they don’t and you know this blogger is influential in your niche, then it’s still a great idea to go ahead and purchase the product. By writing an in-depth review, you’re introducing people to a credible product and can contact the authoritative blogger to share your post on their social profiles. With a solid review backing their product, many would agree to your request and help you out. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and network with authority bloggers in your niche.

An Interview Request

You can visit this page to learn how to effectively publish interviews. This was a section I launched on my blog months ago and I still continue to update it now and then. Here’s the link: Blogger Interviews.

The interview process requires a lot of research because you want to send them engaging questions. They have to feel like it’s worth their time and they’re providing substance to the niche. Before I started sending out interview requests, I researched forums, other blogs, and comments so I can find trending topics. This allowed me to focus on sending the right questions to my authority bloggers. Having high impact questions with answers from the best in the business increased the likelihood of social engagement. I noticed two things happened after publishing blogging interviews.

First, authority bloggers loved to share it on their profile. It was a dedicated interview and they answered awesome questions. By being in the same niche, they were able to provide a valuable resource to their readers at the same time. Secondly, after being shared and viewed by thousands of relevant people, it created a buzz quickly. Today, I continue to get retweets and comments on the interviews because they provide enormous substance to niche relevant people.

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