How to Get Targeted Traffic with Facebook

The Facebook Ad network is awesome for generating targeted traffic to your blog because you have many filtering options when setting up. However, it can be very tricky to use, especially when you have to test out different avenues to find one that works well. If you can find a winning Facebook Ad, then you can achieve higher conversions, which are the goal for every business. Even though it is strongly recommended to boost your fan page and posts on your personal website, it can be a strategy that produces the smallest conversions. Why? When thinking marketing, you have to ensure you think about long-term and how you can convert these visitors into loyal readers. To accomplish this goal, we recommend you send traffic to a landing page so you can increase your email subscribers. Before getting started, you need to take the following into consideration…

  • What is your ultimate objective?
  • How are you going to track results?
  • What is your budget?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Do you have a compelling offer ready to be implemented?

Once you have these elements all figured out, you can proceed into the “3” important factors of an effective campaign. Let’s get started…


A Compelling Offer

When running ads, it’s important you have an offer that stands out compared to all others in your niche. There is no shortage of FREE information available online so it’s your task to give visitors something they can’t find anywhere else. It’s important that your landing page is high converting and has been tested for optimal performance. The last thing you want is to pay for traffic to your landing page and it not converting. Here some other things to keep in mind…

Your Facebook Ad and landing page match so there is no disconnection between your visitors and page. If your ad promises one thing and landing page doesn’t match, then you’re going to have a problem building trust with your visitors. Next, do research finding common problems in your niche, visiting competitor websites to see what kind of information they are offering. Your objective should be to compile all the information into an ultimate guide so it’s compelling enough for people to opt into it. Remember, your objective is to get conversions from your landing page so you’ll have to offer them something that is of value and they can’t find anywhere else for free.

Here’s a great example. Pat Flynn from spent “2” months creating an eBook, which he gave away for FREE. This eBook provided an in-depth tutorial on how to create your own e-product and optimizing your marketing campaign. The results were amazing as it generated 10,000 new subscribers in just “3” months. The value is in the email list so make sure you implement a compelling offer into your strategy.

Who Are You Targeting?

You’re going to burn through money quickly if you’re sending the wrong type of traffic to your landing page. This is why you have to know who your audience is so you can filter your campaign to the right people. Facebook has several filtering options, starting with: country, state, city, gender, age group, interests, devices, workplace, etc. If you can filter down each element to target your audience, you’ll have a better chance of converting visitors to your landing page. The good news is you have FREE tools available that will help you narrow down your audience. For example: –

Paste the URL of your competitor into the bar and analyze the results returned. Your competitors will have the same audience as you and it’s a creative way to find the information you need. To gather the right data, it’s recommended to focus on competitors who have been in the niche for years. The longer they have been in the niche, the more in-depth results you can gather. –

Another awesome tool, similar to, which provides in-depth analyses of the website like gender, location, age group, etc. The only problem with this tool is the website owner must have the code installed in the backend so can gather the correct data. However, many older websites use the code and this tool provides all the information you need.

Monitor and Analyze

In the beginning, it’s important you keep an eye on your campaign, making sure they are converting the way you expect. You’re going to have to tweak settings in the beginning to ensure you find a campaign running at a high optimal level. Not testing your campaigns will cause you to lose enormous money on clicks without any conversions, which goes against the objective of your campaign. The quickest way to do this is to follow the following strategy…

Start by setting up 5-10 Facebook Ads, all running at the same time, and make sure you budget each one to a maximum $10.00 per day. This budget is perfect to get your ad shown and gather enough data to analyze the results. After “1” week, you can start to shut down the ads that are producing low results and NOT converting well enough to have people opt-in to your landing page. Before shutting any of them down, make sure you have tried…

  • different photos
  • different text
  • different borders
  • different bids to ensure they are getting enough impressions, etc

The key is to keep tracking and sticking to the ad that receives the most clicks. Facebook Ads will lower your CPC as your click-through begins to increase so your ultimate goal should be to find an add with a high CTR. Once you’ve sorted through the data and found an ad that meets your requirements, you can increase the budget and let it run. With a high CTR and low CPC, you are sure to get some people opting into your landing page. However, it’s important you follow the complete strategy, making sure your ad and landing page matches. You should provide an offer not found anywhere on the web. It’s just that simple!

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