How To Get People To Love Your Content by Using These 3 Tips

With so much content online, you have to find a unique way to stand out. This means doing things differently than others and creating content that resonates with your readers. However, you’ve probably noticed that much of the content is similar and this has to do with niche related competition. It’s just hard to find a blogging environment that hasn’t been tapped into. You now have to either add certain elements to your content or do things that make you stand out compared to the rest of them. Over the last few months, I’ve tried different things and had different levels of success. I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot and will love to share it here with you. If you’re blogging to make money online, then it’s important to add these elements going forward so you can engage your readership, converting them into loyal readers and, therefore, profits.

Let’s get started…

Using Images

Here’s something that shouldn’t be a shocker, especially if you’ve been writing content for some time. Images have been known to increase user engagement because they help make your content more understandable. For example, images help illustrate your point more quickly and for those who don’t speak English or speak English as a second language will be able to grasp the point better. The trick is to use images relevant to your content and it’s a good idea to keep your brand in mind. Every image should represent both your brand and the purpose of your content. Why is this so effective?

Well, people love content that solves a common problem and is right to the point. Using images is a great way to take content that is 2000 words+ and compress it into an illustration. If you’re like me and don’t have too much time, then you’re going to want to get information quickly so focus on images or even infographics.

Respect Your Readers

For people to love your content, you have to obviously create the best content online. You have to provide them with something that not available anywhere else. Once you accomplish this, you’re going to get a lot of feedback, both good and bad. You have to engage with your readers and provide your own feedback afterward so they know they’ve been acknowledged. For example, when you write emails and you get a reply, it’s a very gratifying feeling…right? The reason you feel this is because you know your email was accepted, read, and replied to afterward. It’s important you make sure you let your readers know you appreciate the time they’ve taken out to read your content. Next,

There are a few ways you can create content engaging enough for your readers and add elements that show a level of respect.

First, write in a different style by making content conversational and easy to understand. Think about what you like and what content you find engaging, then add those elements to your content. Keep content simple! Next, when someone leaves a comment or asks a question, it’s important you reply to them or even share the comment, giving it respect. Here’s something else, when someone leaves a comment, you can simply say “Thank You” because it’s gives the person a gratifying feeling. A simple “Thank You” statement is a great way to encourage people to come back and leave more comments. Next,

Always connect with people who find your content useful or even reach out to people in your own niche. This will increase engagement because reaching out shows that you respect the others’ experience and feedback. Look for something interesting they shared and comment on it, creating a mutual respect.


After 2 years, my first blog stopped attracting visitors and growth became stagnant. I knew I needed to change my strategy so I started to try different things. I invested money in fancy tools, increased social media engagement, etc., but nothing seemed to help. However, it’s only when I changed my posting schedule that my growth doubled within 6 months. How?

First, I was more occupied with writing content daily and NOT focusing on quality. Spacing out my posting schedule to every two weeks allowed me to spend more time researching and writing content. Before, my average posts were 1000 words, which didn’t give me enough room to go in-depth on my topic. I tweaked my posting frequency so I have enough time to go longer and research my competition, putting together something unique. Basically, my content was innovative and attracted more people.

The point is, if you want people to love your content, it’s important to create something special that they can’t find anywhere else. You need people in your niche to know that if they want the best information, they have to come to your blog. Without innovative content, you’re going to be like 80% of the other blogs in your niche. It’s important to tweak your posting frequency so you can research and write only the best content. If you’re NOT innovative, then you’re NOT going to have people love your content….it’s that simple!

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