How To Get More Post Level Text Link Sales

Yesterday’s smart move by Cash Quests to buy up the popular articles with post level text link ads brought to light that most advertisers and web publishers are not taking advantage of this advertising source. That’s too bad because Post Level TLA is great for both advertisers and publishers.

What Is Post Level Text Link Ads?

Post Level TLA is a service of Text Link Ads. It allows advertisers to buy text ads that are served at the bottom of the blog post. The ad can have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description. They are labeled as Related link. See the post Trading Hours for Dollars for an example.

Advantages To Advertisers

Post Level TLA offers advertisers better targeting than a site wide link. Instead of a car dealer buying a link on the sidebar, he would buy post level links within the posts in the cars categories. The response would be better than buying a site wide link because this blog’s focus is on make money online and not cars.

Because of the highly targeted nature of post level links, the chances of them being labeled as paid links by Google is substantially less. Those links really are related links! For example, my post on Using Life Insurance to Shelter Income has a Post Level TLA from a site that compares life insurance rate. It doesn’t get more related than that.

Advantages To Bloggers

Post Level TLA offers an additional income source that is practically free. The links don’t take up any current ad spots and there’s a never ending inventory because you’re always adding more posts. My sidebar text link has been sold out for a long time. Whenever a spot becomes available, it’s snatched up within a day. However, I have 426 pages of post level TLA inventory available for sale. If those pages get sold at an average page of $5, it would add over $2,000 a month of additional income. Then there’ll be another batch of inventory available once the next PageRank update happens.

How To Get More Post Level Link Sales

The first thing you need to do is make advertisers aware that you offer links at the post level. Because post level TLA are so inexpensive ($5 to $10), they’re practically an impulse purchase and you should see results just by telling advertisers it’s available. My advertise page (which needs to be updated) has a note stating that under text link sponsorship.

We also offer text link at the post level. Text Link Ads handles our post level sales. You can view our prices and inventory of articles available for post level links here.

Always link to your inventory page and not the Post Level TLA sales page. You can find your inventory page by searching for your blog on the sale page. Be sure to add your TLA affiliate ID to your inventory link so you get credit for signing up any new advertisers.

Now would be a good time to crank up the promotion on post level text ads. Text Link Ads is running a promotion for the remainder of August. Enter the coupon code August at check out and the advertiser gets 15% off his order. The 15% off price is locked for as long as he renews the ad. If the advertise is new to Text Link Ads, he maybe better off using the $100 coupon (unless he plans to do a really big order).

Post Level Text Link Ads are only available for TLA publishers who run WordPress. If you don’t run WordPress, you’re out of luck. I think there are only two types of bloggers on the Internet: Those who run WordPress, and those who wish they run WordPress! 😈