How To Get Leads From Your 404 Page – Part 2

Back on January 21, I posted an article on how to get email leads from your 404 page.

Everyone loved the idea, and the LeadPages service made it extremely easy to set up your own lead capturing 404 page. If you have’t set up a custom 404 page to get email opt-ins yet, I recommend you do it right away.

For part two of the post, I’ve going to show you the benefits of setting up an email capturing 404.

One of the great features LeadPages offer is stats tracking for all the pages you create. Once your custom 404 page is set up on your blog, you can log into your LeadPages account control panel, and see how it’s performing. These are my results over the past ten days (from January 21):


I’m pretty shock at how many people land on a 404 page. I really didn’t expect that over a ten day period, 1129 people would hit a page not found on my blog. That’s over 100 people a day that I was just letting slip through my fingers!

Now that I have my custom 404 page (see below) up and running, I’m capturing nine percent of them into my email list.

custom 404 page

Over the course of a month, this would mean an extra 300 email leads that I wouldn’t have had. In my industry, each lead is worth a dollar a month. That means adding an email capturing 404 page by LeadPages is worth an extra $300 a month to me!

If you’ve set up a lead capturing 404 page, I would love to see your results. Please post it in the comments.

Set Up Your Custom Lead Capturing 404 Page with LeadPages