How To Get Interviewed By ABC News

My friend Zac Johnson was recently interviewed by ABC News with Tory Johnson on how to make money by blogging. The interview is embedded below and I highly recommend you watch it because Zac gave some great tips.

This was not just some phone interview. Zac flew to New York city to do the interview at ABC Studios. He got the full makeup treatment and everything. This brings up the questions; how did Zac scored such a high profile interview?

The Value of Face To Face Networking

Zac’s ABC win really underscores the value of face to face networking. Zac met Tory Johnson at the last Blog World Expo. Being able to talk to Tory face to face gave Zac a huge edge over bloggers trying to get to her via any other means.

You can never underestimate the value of face to face networking. It’s why I’m going to the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas next month. It’s also why I do the weekly Dot Com Pho meet ups. Many people forget that success is a team sport. Very few people become successful all by themselves. You need find the people who can help you achieve your success and face to face networking does just that.

Congrats on the interview Zac. This is sure to increase your brand and readership size.