How to Get Backlinks Indexed More Quickly

I often get this question asked and before providing a solid answer, I want to go over a few quick things. First, there is a difference between getting pages indexed and having links indexed. We’ll be discussing this further later on, but the point is, for you to get your links indexed quickly, you have to know the difference. I think of SEO as a chain of complex steps that must be organized strategically so you can make the most out of your efforts. If you don’t know the difference, then you can build all the links you want, but they won’t get indexed and show up in your link profile. Today, I’ll be going over a few quick things.

First, I’ll discuss the difference between indexing pages and links. Next, I’ll be going over a few awesome ways I learned on how to get your backlinks seen by Google and indexed. This is amazing if you are building links to boost your rankings within the SERP’s. Let’s get started…

Indexing Pages vs. Links

The difference is NOT hard to understand as indexing pages means Google adds pages from your website to their database. Whenever you add more pages, spiders will come back to your website, indexing NEW pages, adding them to the existing blueprint they have of your site in their database. These pages can have external and internal links but this doesn’t mean each link will be indexed during the crawl process. I think it’s very important to have links indexed right away because if they are adding value to an external website, it’s ONLY when Google knows the link exists that the value will be understood.

I’m going to keep this to the point:

Indexing pages is Google knowing about individual content pages on your website. Indexing links refers to Google knowing about links within your content and where they are pointing to, giving external site value, too.

Get Links Indexed Quickly

Unique Content

For your links to get indexed, you have to make sure your pages are being indexed frequently by Google. After the recent Panda and Penguin updates, much emphasis has been put on unique high quality content. This type of content is usually in-depth and provides value to the reader. It’s often been seen that “value” content has more engagement than others so it’s important you focus on providing substance and structure. For example, head over to your favorite research tool and find common questions your readers have. The more popular your topic, the more people will share while generating traffic at the same time.

Frequently Updating

To get your links indexed, you want to make sure your pages are crawled so keep updating your website. The Google freshness update makes sure people who update their site more often will get indexed quickly. It’s important to note that posting high quality content once every 1-2 weeks is perfectly fine. However, keep it consistent and frequent so it becomes a pattern going forward.

Trusted Website

We’ve heard how domain and page authority are important so build links from high authority platforms. When you do this, two things are happening. First, your link has more juice because of the page authority and whatever site you link to will automatically be considered valuable. Secondly, the higher the domain reputation, the less insecure Google is about indexing your pages and links. For example, if I’ve been blogging for 10 years and build my brand offering quality, then Google will index my links and pages almost immediately. They know my site and the value it provides, so they want to get it in front of people more quickly.

Tier 2 Links

The concept of tiered 2 links is misunderstood, with many people considering it a blackhat technique. However, I’ve utilized these types of links to build momentum quickly, but you have to make sure it’s done right. When I build links to my “target” website, I’ll build links to those from other high quality websites. Why? The more links pointing to a page means it’s of value and worth indexing frequently.

When strategically building tier 2 links, it’s important to do the following:

  • Use the same or relevant anchor text
  • Always build tier 2 links from authority websites
  • Make sure content is relevant
  • Make sure content is unique

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