How To Get Authority Bloggers To Share Your Content Effectively

Did you know you can double or even triple your traffic within a few hours by networking with authority people? I created an expert post asking all the interviewee’s to share it once published and it generated 2-3 times more my daily traffic in “1” hour. The power of networking and having the right people on your team cannot be underestimated. This is why guest blogging is so effective at generating niche targeted traffic to your blog. However, you can’t just approach any blogger asking them to help because you have to leverage the tools you have available to you.

When you finish creating your content and start marketing it in front of the right people, it can generate buzz quickly building your brand. I only started to build momentum when I began to guest blog on authority blogs leverage my high quality content. Here’s the tricky part…

Reaching out to influential people can be tough in the beginning especially when this is your first approach. Use these tips to get authority people to accept your content and share it effectively generating traffic and brand awareness.

Ask For a Quote

This can come in the form of a motivational quote or a simple line the authority blogger lives by. This method is so effective because the fact you have someone of authority within your content adds credibility and skyrockets your social activity. Even though it’s a simple quote you’ll be surprised how many of the same bloggers are more than happy to share afterwards…why? They have a huge following and are always looking for great content to put in front of their audiences. It adds credibility and value going forward which is why many of these people are following them. Next, think about what this initial contact is doing for you in the long-run. Here are some of the benefits…

  • Building the initial connection
  • Showing your audience the value you want to provide
  • Building traffic
  • Building brand awareness

Once you open up the initial doors of communication with these bloggers you can move to the next strategy.

Expert Roundups

Why are roundups so effective? There are a few reasons however the main factor is because they’re very easy to create since most of the content is coming from authority bloggers when they provide an answer. All that’s left in the end is for you to combine the information and publish it on your blog. Next, they are very popular because you’ve taken years of experienced, compressed it and published it providing enormous information. Here are some cool formats to consider…

  • Expert question roundup
  • Expert resource list
  • Expert best quotes

However, you need to do research before approaching these experts. First, you’ll need to research common problems within your niche so your expert roundup will resonate with your readers. Secondly, experts want to know their providing substance so make sure you send them a question they find will provide value.

Here are “2” great examples of expert posts:

Advice and Case Study

Here’s something I have to try, but I know some have had awesome results utilizing this strategy. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to use this strategy.

First, start by researching a common problem within your niche so once published it will resonate with your readers. Next, contact some authority bloggers and ask them for advice on how to solve this problem. Write down some of the strategies and apply them to the problem. Your objective should be to track how well each solution works so you can present it to your readers in a case study format. In the end, you’ll be publishing a case study noting the problem and the exact steps taken to solve the problem. Here’s where it gets interesting…

Since you used the strategies outlined by authority bloggers and they worked so well at solving the problem you can do a quick outreach afterwards asking them to share the results. So far I haven’t heard anyone get rejected when reaching out to bloggers asking to share. The reason is obvious…

  • These bloggers want to share because it’s a common problem
  • They want to share because the solution was based around a strategy they provided
  • The bloggers advice helped provide a solution

Wrapping It Up…

If this is new to you and you want to start leveraging authority bloggers and their network then it’s time to sit down and focus. Start by picking one of the strategies above and implementing it into your content marketing. In the beginning you’ll find it be to slightly difficult, but you’ll soon gain momentum and be able to build a solid connection with these authority bloggers. This will come in handy later on when you want to expand your reach and provide other high value content. Once you’ve published content it’s important to track statistics to find out what’s resonating with your readers. Going forward keep leveraging influential bloggers and focus on high converting content.

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