How To Get A Girlfriend (Part 4)

This post was guest blogged by Alex Shalman (RSS).

Many of you have been wondering how getting a girlfriend applies to making money on line. Some of you even consider that girlfriends are counter-productive and useless (you’ve probably never had one).

While it’s true that some girlfriends can be the opposite of helpful when it comes to making money online, others are quite helpful. My girlfriend edits some of my work, and has written a couple of articles for me in the past. I’d say that was helpful. Maybe she’s even writing this article? Fat chance.

The truth about this series is that in every single article you learn a different way of interacting with people, not just the female species. Making money online, despite the popular consensus in the comments here, is all about relationships.

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Asking Her Out

Note: The point of this article is to instruct you in how to ask a girl out without being rejected, and without making the situation seem awkward. Think about using these points with potential business partners, or finding a girlfriend that will make money online for you.

  1. You’re My Girlfriend. When I asked out my girlfriend I gave her a verbal memo that said, “you’re my girlfriend.” What do you know, it worked. I wasn’t nervous, I already knew that we were compatible, I was detached from the outcome, we enjoyed each others company, and both wanted a relationship to come out of our friendship. Perhaps that’s cheating?
  2. Detach Yourself From Outcome. I just mentioned that I was detached from the outcome when handing her the rights to be my girlfriend. If she said no, I would have been absolutely fine with that choice. If I was afraid, or nervous, she would have smelled it on me. Dogs can smell fear too. It’s actually a repulsive smell (I think, I don’t know, I’m not a dog).
  3. Know Her Answer. This is why I said I was cheating in #1. I already knew she was going to say “yes!” (well, I didn’t ask, I just gave her the memo, but I knew we were on the same page). Do you have reason to believe that she’s into you and wants a relationship, and that there is a need to take what you have to a further degree? If you’ve answered yes, proceed.
  4. Let Her Ask You. Stereotypes say that a man should ask a woman out. Perhaps this is true, but I often like to crush stereotypes and go for what’s practical. Yes, I’ve had girls ask me out in the past, and you can too. It takes a certain level of teasing, and having them want you so bad, that they can’t wait anymore.
  5. Ask. Sometimes there’s no need to do anything else but ask, and wait for a reply. The ball isn’t exactly in your court here, but I have a solution. Ask: “Would you like to be my girlfriend.”, and if she says, “no”, you simply say “I’m sorry, you thought I was asking you? Haha… no, I was just curious if you wanted to be, I’m personally not interested.”

One thing that helped me become great with girls, and with people in general, is not concentrating on girls, but rather concentrating on becoming a winner. However, I must admit that I’ve read dozens of books on “pick up”, so I’m sure that helped as well.

My friend Tynan, he’s been in the game longer than I have, and has read much more material than I have. In fact, he’s hollywood famous for it, and he could write his own book on picking up girls. Actually, he did, it’s called Make Her Chase You, and I’ll give you a money back guarantee that it will in fact make the “her” in your life chase you.