How To Ensure Your Content Stays Evergreen

For those of you not familiar with the term “Evergreen”, it’s content with NO expiry date. Many bloggers emphasize the importance of evergreen content because it will continue to provide value throughout the years. Personally, your content marketing should be based on this concept simply because of the benefits. For example, if you’re marketing a product through your content, then through an evergreen approach, you can make profit for years going forward. If your content is relevant, then it’ll provide value years down the line, increasing overall ROI. However, many bloggers fail to implement this strategy into their marketing. Next,

Taking advantage of this strategy doesn’t have to be stressful because all you have to do is follow specific guidelines when creating your content. I’ve outlined some of the important elements below that will ensure your content stays evergreen and doesn’t expiry with time.

Write Content You Can Update

For you to stay relevant, you have to create content you can continually update. Many people write content applicable to today and later, they won’t be able to update because the topic is obsolete. For example, I create content that I can update at a later time if I need to, like writing content on “effective link building techniques”. Even if some strategies change over time, I’ll be able to simply remove, tweak, and/or update my content. Next,

Google understands the importance of “evergreen” so they’ve incorporated the freshness algorithm into their content. This update will reward bloggers who regularly update their content with higher rankings. Why? It’s a great incentive to go “evergreen”, making sure search results always provide the MOST up-to-date information online. What can you do?

Going forward, always ask yourself if the content you’re writing will be relevant 5 years from now and if you need to update, how easily can it be done? No point in writing content that won’t provide value 2 months from now.

Create Content that’s Easy to Share

Social media is an awesome lifeline and can extend the importance of content. Content is only viable if it continues to be marketed in front of people. This is why it’s important to create content that’s very easy to share and link to so start by implementing these strategies.

First, install social share buttons on your website above and below your content. Next, you want to make sure people can easily join your social profiles because you can automatically “share” content to them using This tool will allow you to schedule tweets, which will be completely automated. Next, use an auto-backlink plugin within your content so people can easily create a link with the click of a mouse button. Utilizing this plug-in will increase your content in the SERP’s, driving enormous organic traffic.

If you’ve written epic content, then send it to authority bloggers in your niche, asking them to share it on your social profiles. You’ll get it in front of people, increasing engagement, links, and brand awareness. However, make sure you’ve written content of value so NO matter when it was published, it still provides substance.

Republish or Syndication

Sometimes, to breathe life into your content, you might want to consider giving people the right to republish your content. Many bloggers will tell you this will hurt your organic rankings but I believe it really depends on the website in charge of republishing. For example, many aggregated content websites are still performing well after the recent Panda update aimed eliminating “republishing” website. I believe their success has to do with a thorough moderation policy and only aggregating the very best content. These sites often build partnerships with authority blogs, then republishing their content if it meets the quality standards. In the end, the content republished provides enormous value, which is Google’s ultimate objective. Here’s something you can try…

Start by doing a quick search online, looking for the very best syndication websites. Perform a quick search, typing in this phrase, “syndication websites”, and you’ll be able to find complete guides on how to get started. Contact the top websites, asking them about their requirements. Skim through your previous content, looking for epic content that can use help getting in front of people. Make sure your content meets the following quality guidelines…

  • Correctly formatted
  • In-depth
  • Solves a common problem
  • It should be an ultimate guide (how-to, tutorial). My highest performing content is over 5,000+ words.

Once you’ve narrowed down your content, you can submit it to syndication websites. They’ll either accept or send you some feedback. It doesn’t hurt to create new content following their requirements then submitting it for syndication. These websites have a huge network and will be able to market your content to millions of people.

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