How To Effectively Use Instagram for Your Blog

Instagram is powerful tool to share pictures and post comments with people. It can be used to interact with friends, family and niche related people. I consider Instagram and real-time tool since you snap a photo with your mobile phone, than choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. Instagram understands the power of mobile phones in our daily lives and provides a way to communicate through a simple app. It doesn’t have a direct website because it utilizes the power of a simple application to get the message across.

Here is something cool I picked up from…

“With over 300 million monthly users, Instagram is becoming a growing force in social media circles. More than just an application to share photos, users rely on the platform to identify trends while documenting daily life.”

It’s a strong message with an even stronger meaning.

Did you know businesses use Instagram to market their products to people? Many people often consider it an application to share with friends however, with a few tweaks to your marketing strategy it becomes a vital tool for businesses.

Let’s dig deeper and look at ways businesses can effectively use Instagram.


Audience Matters

Statistically it’s been proven that Instagram is used mainly by people ages 18-35. If your a business owner you have to find out what works for you. If your business promotes products that this age group will find interesting then tap into this age group. However, this is ONLY one part of the formula as you have to start narrowing down other factors like demographic, relevancy, etc. Here’s what’s awesome…

If you do a quick search in Google I’m sure you’ll find other relevant brands using Instagram as a marketing tool. Use them for inspiration and learn from what they’re doing because they’ve tested the market. Some of these other relevant brands had the money to invest into market research so their audience is most likely yours.

Hashtags Are Very Effective

Here’s something cool and has worked especially since Instagram has a different interface compared to and For example, linking outside of your own profile doesn’t existing so you have to be creative in reaching relevant followers. The main ingredient in making it work using #hashtags within Instagram is to do your research. Focus on tools available to you or even what others are doing, especially, your competitors.

Start by using what’s already available like #tbt (throwback Thursdays) or #instagood (a showcase of a user’s best photos) to attract new followers. Next, you have to keep track of what’s working and tweak as you move forward. I would visit my competitor accounts like the big brand names and use the same #hashtags. Here’s something that works well…

Use the competitor name in the #hashtags. For example, if Nike has the same products and audience, use #nike. You know they are a huge brand and have a massive following so using that #hashtag will drive targeted people search that “tag” to your profile.

Rewards & More Rewards

Loyalty has been the driving force in business expansion. Those that can leverage customer relations have seen greater growth quickly. This is why it is even more important to offer rewards to those followers that engage with your content on Instagram. This has been proven to be effective time and time again because it shows appreciation. Here’s what you can do going forward to leverage this strategy…

Instead of you offer exclusive content on your website, you should only offer it on your Instagram account. It as simple as adding a link within your account to content you’ve uploaded. The link will take followers to a page where they can download the content. If your a ‘link building” blog and have learned a new link building strategy than provide the content through your Instagram account. This strategy will encourage people to keep visiting your profile and share content as well. Again, you have to test different methods to find out which ones perform the best, however once you find a winning combination you’ll increase engagement relatively quickly.

High Quality Photos

The thing with Instagram is you have to find a way to leverage every tool possible. For example, #hashtags have been an awesome tool to get relevant people to your profile however you should also split test images. For example, when people mention Instagram you automatically think “pictures”…right? This is why you should find creative ways to use images to boost your brand awareness. If you sell products then have people take photos while using your products. Next, find what images stand out on your profile by trying things like bright border colors, gender based, etc.

The objective is to ensure you get the most engagement on your profile and others share on Instagram because this is truly the driving force for businesses when marketing products.

Wrapping It Up…

If you don’t have an Instagram account then download the app right away. You can start implementing some of these awesome strategies finding ways to promote your products and services. Instagram has been proven to convert well for businesses however this does require testing until you find a funnel that works for you.

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