How to Sell Products with Email Marketing

Email marketing is an awesome tool to generate sales, especially when you have a relevant list. There are several ways to obtain a list, with the obvious being through your personal website. However, because of the effectiveness of email marketing, many people have made a decent living simply acquiring niche related lists and selling them to large companies.

The point is, email marketing cannot be underestimated when it comes to blog growth and generating profits. Many relevant bloggers have made enormous money simply through email marketing, however, they know how to optimize their marketing efforts. Remember, you have valuable lists so it’s important to utilize them effectively. Sending out bulk email follow-ups will increase your unsubscribe and your investment has gone down the drain.

If you are using email lists to sell products, then here are some awesome strategies to help you effectively sell products.


Know Your Product

For you to sell your product through email marketing, you have to know your product inside out. Many people start drafting email messages without knowing their products and then market the product insufficiently. When you know your product, you know exactly what elements to showcase through your email marketing efforts. What do I mean when I say knowing your product?

Understand how it solves a problem and what benefits it offers to purchasers. You should know the important features of the product and who your audience are. Once you have answered those questions, you’ll know how to choose the right email list and what to write to attract subscribers to click through to the product page.

Target People with Money

Email marketing doesn’t have to be through an email list generated through your blog or purchased. You can contact people individually who you feel will benefit from your product. For example, if you’re selling a SEO tool that helps locate high authority links, then you should contact large SEO companies directly. Why?

Large SEO companies have a huge portfolio of clients who will benefit from your tool. These companies are working on increasing the search exposure of their clients and having this tool will help them find authority links. Next, large companies have enormous money to invest and will most likely purchase your tool if you show them the benefits. They aren’t too picky about the high price range because they have an enormous budget. Start by gathering a list of potential large clients that will benefit from your tool. Next, use the contact form to let them know about your awesome tool. I like to send them a free trial so they can check out the cool features for themselves. Here’s something cool that works…

You should try using the good cop, bad cop strategy, which you’ll learn in the next section, to really get customers thinking and engaged in your product.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

This strategy works well if you’re selling a tool that analyzes websites, performing a complete audit, and how a blog owner can improve performance. I’ll contact blog owners by emailing them and explaining my expertise. I provide them feedback on how they can improve their blog performance. I’ll give them an honest review about tweaks they can make to their website. If I can schedule a conference call with them, that would be great so I can walk them through some of the performance adjustments they can make to help speed up their website. My objective is to build a relationship with them so they trust my judgement and any recommendations I make. However, before getting started, I’ll run an audit with my tool, showing them the effectiveness in outlining performance issues. There are a few things to consider at this point…

First, my client will see how this tool provides them with advice on how to tweak their website. Secondly, larger clients will most likely invest in this tool so target reputable niche-relevant companies. Next, always offer a free trial so they can check effectiveness of the tool.

Don’t Give Up

When I first started contacting large SEO companies through email marketing, the response wasn’t good. However, I learned a lot that allowed me to tweak my strategy and over time, I implemented a combination that improved my results. The key is to not give up and if you’re having negative results, then simply consider them a lesson to tweak your strategy going forward. Look at it this way…

You simply need a large client to start making money because they normally network with other larger companies and are awesome for referrals. Not only that, but large companies have a huge portfolio of people they can recommend your product to. You have to keep pushing and stay humble so you can build a great business relationship that will be great for product sales.