How To Drive RSS Subscribers Back To Your Blog

Last week, I got the opportunity to peek through MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back and learn how it changes our customary approach to RSS Feed.

RSS Feed, while very useful tool for allowing subscribers to stay connected to your blog content, has its drawbacks. The subscribers stop visiting your blog because they get it all from RSS Feed what they want from the blog. This leads to less user participation on your blog thus decreasing your blog traffic and revenue as well. I have experienced this first hand. Over 140,000 people read this blog from RSS!

Get more Traffic & Revenue by driving your RSS Subscribers back to your blog

MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back is a powerful WordPress Plugin that offers you more flexibility and control over the RSS feeds, enticing your RSS readers to visit your blog without slightest annoyance and at the same time, adds value and increases readership of the blog.

But that’s not all.

Content thieves, who have found an easy way to scrape your blog contents through RSS Feed making use of some automated software, now becomes a sort of free marketer for your blog. Because along with the content, they take away your identity also thus providing you free back links and traffic.

Bring My Blog Visitors Back works exactly as its name implies. It brings back the potential visitors lost somewhere on the premises of RSS Feed who otherwise should have been playing on your blog happily.

This amazing plugin comes with some attractive and powerful features that completely transform the look and functionality of RSS Feed. Using the power of Bring My Blog Visitors Back, you can now upgrade your RSS Feed with the following features:

  • Display related posts
  • Display social icons
  • Display Number of Comments
  • Display Latest User Comment
  • Display header and footer text/banners
  • Display copyright notice

MaxBlogPress is an established name in the industry. They are known for building quality wordpress plugins. Some of MaxBlogPress’ highly popular products are Subscribers Magnet, Ninja Affiliate, Max Banner Ads, etc. and now it’s Bring My Blog Visitors Back.

I have been testing this plugin for the past month, and it has done a great job getting my RSS reader to come and visit my blog again. It is a lot hard easier to make money from the blog than the RSS feed, so the more readers you can get from your RSS to your blog mean more money for you.

The MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back WordPress Plugin is on sale right now for only $67 until July 18. Once the sales if over, it goes back to its normal price of $97. If you have a lot of readers reading your blog from your RSS feed, this is a must-have plugin.

Download MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back WordPress Plugin